Are you a massive fan of… massive robots and machines with their massive weapons and massive armor .

Well if I haven’t said “massive” enough, here’s a massive update for you guys. 

We got a new massive play-to-earn mobile game that’s coming soon, and for the very first time on the Terra Luna Blockchain. 

Get ready, coz here comes Robo Hero.

Robo Hero


The story of Robo Hero is set in the year 31,337… which is like 300 Centuries from now! Wooh! 

And in this timeline, the world is already devastated by human wars and the earth has practically turned… or rather, impractically unsustainable to humans. 

But if there’s anything you could get done in 30,000 years, then that’s A.I. and BioTech! And it’s made possible by the life-giving mineral LUNA. 

Robo HEro

To make the long story short, the BioRobots, as they are called, have inherited everything about human life and human nature. 

These robots basically rebuilt cities, society, politics, life on Earth, and in turn, of course, divisions among factions bringing war all over again. 

But this time, the 3 factions give all they got to fight for LUNA which is essential for their survival. 

Gameplay Overview 

The gameplay of Robo Hero resembles Axie Infinity in more than a few ways. 

There are both PvE and PvP modes, and there is also an energy system -so it’s really familiar to us gamers already.

PVE PVP Robo Hero

Players gotta have RoboHero NFTs in order to play against AI or other players.

Now, the game is designed in a way that a RoboHero NFT can’t be used to play 24/7 all the time every time. 

We need to spend 1 Stamina Point for every PvP engagement, and 1 Story point for each story mode game. Each RoboHero NFT gets 1 Stamina Point every 2 hours and 1 Story Point every 8 hours. 

So if you do the math, we know that in every 24 hours, we get 12 Stamina and 3 Stories. And that means 12 PvP battles everyday plus 3 story mode games. 

That’s just for one RoboHero though, and you can technically own as many robots as you want if you want to play more than 15 battles a day. 

Robo Heroes

Robo Hero is a turn-based battle mobile game. Now let’s talk a bit more about the game rules and how it basically works. 

The abilities and actions you get to decide with are in the form of cards, while your Robot NFTs that are fighting the battles takes place in a 3D map which you can see thru an isometric view from above. 

The arena consists of a total of 115 hexagons that are arranged in 11 irregular rows. 

Among these hexagon tiles are 10 randomly generated buildings which limits visibility on the map and are capturable by players in order to increase strength during the game. 

Robo Hero Attributes

Each hero starts on a random field in the two outermost rows of the map. And the hero has a limited field of vision -which is a circle with a radius of two tiles from the edge of the area the hero is on. 

Players take turns in the battle. Each turn consists of 3 phases and players have only 5 energy to use up for each turn.

Yes, that means you have to be very strategic on how to use the 5 energy you have for all the 3 phases every time it’s your turn. 

The 3 phases are the movement phase, preparation phase, and attack phase. 

Robo Hero Classes

The movement phase allows players to move around the map and the energy consumed is based on the number of fields traveled. 

Then we have the Prep phase where players can choose to use cards for boosting certain stats for strategic value. 

And then finally, the Attack phase where players can either choose to attack an enemy or try to take over a capturable building on the map. 

The energy cost for the actions for both the attack and prep phase depends on what card you are using. 

Robo Hero Card

And here is the goal for winning the duel: there are 2 ways a player gets to end the game with a “W.” 

One is by making sure your opponent losses all their life points -which immediately wins you the game, and the other is by taking over most of the buildings on the map. 

Every player has the opportunity to take over whichever of the 10 buildings on the map -and since it’s also a race of capturing buildings, whoever is first to capture 6 out of the 10 buildings automatically wins the game -regardless of the life points of the other party 

The gameplay is the same for both PvE and PvP, other than the difference that you also get to enjoy the story and explore the lore of RoboHero in PvE. 

Robo Hero Gameplay

How to Earn (Tokenomics) 

First, you need to create and connect your own Terra Station Wallet in order to play and earn, and the transaction process is quick and simple, since the tokens of RoboHero are already available in some exchanges for Fiat Currency. 

Winning duels grants players XP points and rewards in the form of LUNA and ROBO Cryptocurrency Tokens. 

Winning PvE battles will only give you ROBO Tokens as rewards and you only need to spend the story points you accumulate in order to play.

Robo Token Utility

In PvP however, you have the chance to win both ROBO and LUNA Tokens! 

But, But, But!.. engaging in PvP battles is a little different. And there’s actually a lot more at stake. What’s at stake? Well… 

Other than spending 1 Stamina point per battle, which is practically free, you also need to put up some LUNA. 

And the amount of LUNA you will put up should be equal to the amount of LUNA that your opponent has put up as well. 

So of course the matchmaking system will make sure of this. 

Play to Earn Robo Hero

Whoever wins gets 85% of the LUNA Prize Pool plus some additional ROBO Tokens. 

So for example, if you bet 1000 LUNA, the game matches you up with another player who also bets 1000 LUNA. 

You get 1700 LUNA from the pool when you win the match! 

PvP has better rewards for sure, yeah, but also greater risk of course. 

And even more so of a risk, whenever you lose a PvP battle, not only do you lose the LUNA you put up, you also get to lose the BioRobot you bring in the battle that has no insurance. 

Robo Hero Insurance

Apparently, they really get destroyed when they get destroyed in the game. 

And yeah, just like our cars, it’s a good thing we have the option to buy some insurance for our robots. 

Buying insurance costs either LUNA or ROBO Tokens and it will protect your precious robots from going “BOOOOOOM” for 15 days. 

Still, in the end, being highly competitive and doing whatever it takes to be winners really matters in Play-to-Earn games -just like in e-sports and traditional gaming. 

Robo Hero Cards

RoboHero NFTs 

RoboHeroes are required assets in order to play the game. 

The game isn’t exactly free-to-play right from the get-go since NFTs are required to play, but there is a way to get a free robot NFT by watching ads in-game. More about that later. 

A RoboHero can be acquired by opening Blind Boxes which can be purchased in-game with ROBO Tokens. 

These massive robots vary in many many things in many ways. 

Robo Hero NFT

And here’s a little rundown on the many attributes, properties, and certain special traits that your Robo Heroes can get.  

Things such as strength, power, and range.  One of the Three Factions from which they would belong to.

One of the three classes as well

  • Faction bonuses
  • Various Equipment
  • Various Weapons

In which the weapons are directly related to the robot’s class. Melee for tanks, automatic weapons for shooters, and sniper rifles for snipers. Like, duh? 

Robo Hero Factions

I mean, you’re not going to give knives to your snipers, right? Unless you’re Jett. LOL 

Plus Item cards, support cards, and trap cards. 

Just looking at all these elements make me wonder about the potential of how deeply strategic the gameplay can be. 

Robo Hero Cards1

Even More Ways to Earn (Misc.) 

There are even more ways to earn in the game than just playing. 

This one in particular isn’t exactly earning in itself, but you can choose to “Watch2Earn” by watching ads in-game in order to accumulate enough allowance money to eventually pick up a free Robot so you can start playing Robo Hero. 

This actually makes the game Free-to-Play friendly in that sense. 

Robo Hero Watch to Earn

There are also In-game Billboard Ads which is basically purchasing NFT billboards in the metaverse. 

Holders of these billboard NFTs will be able to display any content they wish on their billboards in the cities and on the skyscrapers of the Robo Hero metaverse. 

And this works just like a real-life billboard -you can get companies or advertisers to pay you to get their ads out there. 

Pretty neat investment right? 

Now aside from RoboHero NFTs and Billboards, you can also choose to buy LAND NFTs in the metaverse -where the future battles between players will take place. 

Robo Hero Billboard

We already know that from the total prize pool put up by the 2 battling parties, 85% of the LUNA goes to the winner. 

Well if you own the LAND NFT that the battle took place in, then you will be earning the 5% from that prize pool. 

When everything goes well, this is definitely going to be worth it for the passive income. 

Website, Dev Team, & Whitepaper 

If you wish to know more about the status of the game’s development and their future plans, and you wish to dive in even deeper with the lore, gameplay, and NFTs and Crypto, you can check out their website at and also see their whitepaper for yourself.  

RoboHero has an impressive set of Developers and Partnerships. 

Their team is looking good and is looking pretty fully doxed, too! 

They are very active in their socials so make sure to follow them as well. Links in the description below. 

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