Calling out all K-Pop Fans! It’s time for another Seoul Stars update. 

For those that are new here and have not heard of Seouls Stars yet well, it is the Metaverse’s First-Ever Virtual K-POP Idol with a play-to-earn rhythm and sing-to-earn karaoke game. 

And today, we’ll be sharing with you updates about this unique project, its achievements so far, and the roadmap including the IDO of its governance token SSTAR happening this May 27.  

  So if you want to know more about it, read on. 

seoul stars-logo

We have already made several articles about Seoul Stars this year,  but for those that are new, here’s a brief summary regarding the project. 

Seoul Stars stands at the crossroads of the Korean entertainment industry, the gaming industry, the metaverse, and virtual idols. The culmination of these thriving markets presents the ideal growth opportunity for Seoul Stars to access and introduce an offering to the collective communities. 

And so, their goal was to create the first realistic 3D virtual idol being featured in various mainstream media and metaverse platforms. 

And that’s why Yuna was created – the first 3D virtual K-pop artist on the metaverse. 

Yuna Seoul Stars

The vision for this project is to make YUNA a mainstream brand on par with popular idols like BTS and Blackpink.  

By this time actually, Yuna has already released 3 original songs that will be compiled into an album release with more songs to come. 

Yuna has also already held a virtual metaverse concert recently.  

Here you can see the Seouls Stars NFTs, – 2D sketches of the virtual idol Yuna  (where in 5,000 NFTs are minted already).

Army of Chaos Apeiron

But let me tell you, unlike other NFTs which are mostly only PFPs and have no real value, Seoul Stars YUNA NFTs have a lot of utility and benefits.

There will be various privileges for the holders of the NFTs in the Seoul Stars play-to-earn game which I will discuss more in a bit. This includes the ability to earn $SSTAR tokens and CastingTicket tokens, the ability to use special game skills, and more 

Note that These benefits will vary depending on the rarity of the NFTs. Also,  Seoul Stars will have an in-house NFT lending platform or scholarship system where holders can lend their NFTs and receive a share of the profits earned from the scholar. 

Yuna NFT holders will receive early access to new music and game releases. 

SpiritCore NFT A

In addition, they will receive exclusive access to $SSTAR IDO presale happening in a week, giveaway events,  metaverse concerts, future NFT airdrops, and merchandise.  

Holders will also have the chance to meet Yuna’s song producer Tommy Lee,  participate in lyric compositions of one of her songs, one-hour vocal training session, and audition for Yuna’s duet song. 

So if you want to get a hold of a Yuna NFT and know more about its use,  just watch our first Seouls Stars Video linked here. 

Seoul Stars Yuna NFT Game Review

Now let’s talk about the Seouls Stars Play To Earn Music Game which features two game genres: 

-rhythm game and karaoke game.  

So there’s an online DJ-to-earn rhythm game that reminds me of O2 Jam and Audition. Their rhythm game has single and PvP modes with rewards for leaderboard accomplishments.  

And there’s a sing-to-earn aspect with rewards earned based on scores gained in karaoke-style gameplay. 

Seoul Stars Game

As I’ve described in the intro, Seouls Stars is truly a unique project across all aspects – capturing the exploding popularity of  three major cultural forces: KPOP-Korean Entertainment, play-2-earn gaming, and virtual Idols and influencers.

And FYI, Seoul Stars is partnered with a leading K-pop agency Humap  Contents – a leading Korean artist agency with a wealth of experience in managing global K-pop stars such as Rain, and Tommy Lee, a renowned music producer in Korea who has worked with international idol sensations including Girls Generation, IU, EXO, and more.

Virtual Idol Yuna is produced by Humap Contents. 

Tommy Lee Producer

So this is definitely unlike any other blockchain project out there. Despite being conceived at the end of ‘21,  Yuna has already seen tremendous progress to overtake other idols in this space and will be the first on the blockchain.   

So far, here’s what they have achieved: 

– 5000 NFTs being sold out in early 2022 

– Yuna’s 3 original songs  were created by Tommy Lee – who’s actually  worked with Michael Jackson’s Dangerous team (Ted Riley) 

– they also have Completed the initial version of the 3D artist Yuna 

– they hosted a metaverse concert with over 5000 cumulative viewers, and a metaverse concept video with 13k views

– Then there’s the demo game that has been launched earlier this year

Seoul Stars Game

And their community is growing day by day with over 100k+ followers across Discord, Twitter, and Telegram which I highly recommend you follow for more updates about the project.  

Seoul Stars is just getting started, some more things to look forward to this year are: 

– Improvement of the Yuna 3D model 

– Lifestyle Instagram launch for Yuna 

– Completion of NFT P2E games (rhythm and karaoke games) with robust tokenomics 

– Scheduled TV and advertising appearances 

– Yuna album releases from Tommy Lee 

– Further concerts on other metaverse platforms 

– Merch shop 


And finally, their much-anticipated IDO finally happening this month. Their Governance token $SSTAR will be launched next week  May 27th! 

The $SSTAR token presale is an exclusive offering to be an early holder of their governance token.    

The presale will be a whitelist event and only accessible to those who complete certain requirements or are a core part of select communities. 

If you want to get whitelisted for the SSTAR TOken IDO, there’s a form on their website that you could fill up. Some details needed are, of course, your name, email, and Solana wallet.

Complete the additional tasks to have the chance to win an NFT or presale pass upgrade. If you need help regarding whitelisting, you can simply ask on their DISCORD Channel where the team is active. 

Ancient Kingdom NFT Roadmap

Note that Presale purchases will be subject to 15% TGE unlock and a 3-month linear vest.  This means that 15% of tokens will be claimable immediately and the remaining will be claimable over a 3-month period.    

Now regarding the SSTAR token, a unique and pivotal mechanism to maintain the ecosystem is the regular buying and burning of $SSTAR tokens with Yuna’s profit. 

30% of Yuna’s profit will go towards our community wallet, and from that, 80% will be used to buy and burn $SSTAR on an ongoing basis. 

Users will also be able to purchase “Debut Cards” — an in-game prize box that includes a new Yuna NFT, using $SSTAR and CastingTickets. 

Ancient Kingdom Mystery Box Sale

This token will also be necessary for combining and upgrading various items NFTS which will enhance the gameplay and increase earning rate in the play-to-earn Seoul Stars games. 

Of course, being the governance token of Seoul Stars, this will be the main currency for trading NFTS in the soon to open marketplace. And lastly, holding $SSTAR tokens will give governance rights to the project — giving holders a say on Seoul Stars’ future decisions. 

So again, if you want to be the first to get a hold of their tokens, head on to and register to be whitelisted.    

Mark your calendars chingus, May 27 it is. That’s it for the Seouls Stars updates.