Anyeonghaseyo! It’s time for an update about Seoul Stars.  

If you read our first article yet, make sure you go check it out. 

I’ve reviewed Soul Stars, Yuna NFTs, and its games in detail, so I promise it’s worth reading. 

 I know you’re excited about what’s new, so let’s just get on with it.

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Roadmap Update  

Back in January, their project is pretty exciting then, and now they are living up to the hype, I must say.  

Taking a look at their roadmap, they’ve started from here and accomplished Gen1 and Gen2 NFT Minting already.  

They’ve made progress with the designs of the 3D models of Yuna NFTs and they are about to release even more songs.  

The SSTAR Tokens are now getting their way in Seoul Star’s very first IDO scheduled this march.  

Plus the release of the game alpha coming soon.

March Roadmap

Announcements, Events, and Giveaways 

Here are a few updates from their socials.:
There’s a $34,000 Gleam Lottery Event that’s ongoing right now for NFT holders.  

If you’re interested to participate, you need an NFT. And as of now, you can only get yourself one by buying a Yuna NFT from Magic Eden.  

The demo is now up and along with it are many rewards! Just by entering the demo, you get an in-game starter-pack for free!  

Additionaly, Seoul Stars is hosting Rhythm Game Challenge, and the rewards for the top 10 in the leaderboards are very very valuable. 

Seouls Stars Demo

-1st Place gets an Epic NFT plus a Diamond IDO Pass.  

-2nd place gets a rare NFT and a Gold IDO pass.

-3rd place: a regular nft and Gold IDO pass. 

-And the 4th place to 10th place… no NFT, but still gets a valuable Silver IDO pass each.  

Trust me when I say that even the Silver pass is more than worth it, considering the normal way of getting one requires a considerably huge investment.  

More especially that you get these things for free, just by playing the demo -though making it to the top 10 surely won’t be easy.  

You can check their Twitter, discord, or Instagram for more info.  

Now let’s talk about these Passes and the IDO that it is connected to. 



In this very month of March, The IDO for $SSTAR Tokens will commence.  

The exact date is still to be announced, so you’d best keep posted on our socials so you can immediately be updated.  

It’s strictly whitelisted only, and the tokens are going to be sold at floor price which is only 0.05 cents per token.  

Oh and if ever you have presale passes discounts, that counts, too!  

So here’s how you can get whitelisted:  

First, you need to register here at
Enter your name, email, discord ID, telegram ID, Solana wallet address, and Metamask wallet address.  And after doing so, you’d be prompted to complete a list of tasks.

Gameplay Lightning Apeiron

And here’s where the Presale Passes come to play. In order to qualify, you should do quite a bit more than what’s initially required.  

Starting from Bronze up to Ruby Tier, which is the highest, you’d need to have more NFTs in your wallet, more Discord invites, and more Telegram invites.  

It’s important to know for investors that there’s going to be a vesting period for the tokens that you would purchase from the IDO.  

And it’s gonna be a 15% Token Generation Event to be unlocked with 3 months linear vesting. Allocation Size and Discount also get better the higher the tier. Let’s see… $500, up to $12,000.  

We are talking huge numbers here guys!  

But enough of the IDOs and how to’s -let’s take a look at the demo and see how the game’s gonna look like at a very early stage. 



Seoul Stars Rhythm Game DEMO 

The DEMO is now playable at and you can definitely try it yourself.  

And why not aim for the leaderboards? The prizes are just too good! 

So here’s how it’s played. Just like any other rhythm game, it’s all about timing the hits as perfect as possible and getting perfect hits as much as possible.  

Consecutive hits gives combo bonus points and is always a good goal to keep in mind. 

Seoul Stars

There are 5 lanes to keep an eye on and the controls can be customized in the real game. Different songs will have different difficulties denoted by the number of stars. 

 In the real game when the Yuna NFTs come in, there will be skills and items -and all these will depend on the attributes that your Yuna NFT has.  

It’s all about the sockets, and I’ve already talked about these in my last video. So go check that out if you haven’t yet. I reviewed everything about Seoul Stars and the Yuna NFTs in there. 

Seoul Stars Game

So what about now? What do you think about Seoul Stars this time? You lookin’ to get yourself in the top 10 in the leaderboards? 

Tell us in the comments below. You should go ahead and try it for yourself. Joining is pretty easy and straightforward. Winning in the top 10 however… I guess we’ll see.