Looking for a new play-to-earn game with the potential for the moon?  Well, look no further because, in today’s short video, we’ll talk about an upcoming FREE to PLAY Action RPG Mobile Game built on the Polygon Blockchain.   

Get Ready for #Shatterpoint!  


Shatterpoint is a skill-based, Free-to-Play, action RPG game for mobile on Polygon. 

A blockchain platform that offers secure, fast, affordable, and energy-efficient Ethereum scaling solutions for Web 3 devs.   

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Ancient Kingdom


Shatterpoint is an NFT-based game where players choose their Hero, battle enemies to earn loot by conquering single or multiplayer battle modes for ultimate glory. 

Its story takes place in the Shatterpoint Universe, where countless barbaric warriors, twisted monsters, and endless armies were released across the world through mysterious Portals that appeared out of nowhere. Although most of the world was destroyed, a new army of courageous heroes emerged led by the one called Karluq.  

This band of heroes was known as the Travelers. Your story begins as you join the honored ranks of The Travelers! 

Army of Chaos Apeiron

These mighty warriors are your characters in the game. Each of them has unique abilities, strengths, and weaknesses. 

Select your Hero, search for gear and Runes as you level up your character, uncover their unique Traits, engrave, merge and sell Runes and much more   

Here in shatter point, there will be PVE and PVP Gamemodes.   

In the PVE or single-player mode, you battle monsters, build experience, explore worlds, gain resources, and strengthen your character for the ultimate skilled combat, the Arena Battle Mode.   

In the PVP Mode, you Team up, battle other players solo, enter tournaments and special events, and win the most valuable rewards in the game. PVP Arena is where warriors become true Heroes! 

SpiritCore NFT A

There will be seasons in this game, and once it ends, all non-NFT stats resets and goes back to their introductory levels. This phenomenon is known as THE SHATTERING.    

To give existing players an advantage over new players, they’ll keep their Runes, Gear, and Tokens.   

Everyone will have an equal opportunity to earn a Hero NFT through each Season’s challenges.  The Shattering gives rise to the destroyed universe to be recreated for Shatterpoint’s following Season with new NPCs, campaign modes to traverse, and bigger worlds to discover.   

Aside from seasonal content, some more Shutterpoint Game Features are Daily Rewards, Leaderboards, The Forge where you can upgrade your Hero NFTs and Equipment, NFT Items, and the marketplace.  

The game has been designed with free2play at the core of the gameplay, creating an equal opportunity for all players to craft an NFT and progress through the game.  

Gameplay Lightning Apeiron


Shatterpoint is made by a dedicated team of professionals who love video games.  

This game is being developed by Block Games Studio – A next-generation game development and publishing studio, with a mission to bring mass adoption of blockchain technology through player-owned mobile games.   

And they have partnered with Estoty – A leading European mobile games development studio based out of the Baltics. This studio has already released over 10 globally successful games to date, which have been downloaded over 1.5 billion times and are enjoyed by 250 million active monthly players. 

Sugar Kingdom Partners


The game alpha of Shutterpoint is coming in Quarter 3 of 2022.  Some things to look forward to in the coming months are the lite paper release, gameplay video release, nft sales, token launch, closed alpha, and more.   

We still have to wait until Q2 next year for the Open Beta launch then the FULL GAME will be launched at the end of next year.   

I know that’s a long wait, but good thing you’re one of the first ones to know about this promising project. And the good news it, that Shatterpoint is giving their first supporters some gifts!    

The first 10k members in their discord channel are getting a special Pioneer Role and a guaranteed gift. 

Just make sure to fill-up the form and register. The link is provided below.

DOM Token GOLD Token

The team behind Shatterpoint wants gameplay and entertainment to be, alongside the Free2Play model, front and center, so they’ve focused on making it skill-based. 

Shatterpoint includes an incredibly large number of combinations between different Hero types, their unique traits, equipment gear, and Runes, creating an array of individual playing styles and strategies.   

And I’m excited to see what it will look like in the actual game.  But for now, all we can do is wait and follow Shatterpoint for more info about the team, their roadmap, partners, and more.    

And make sure to Stay tuned on their Discord to be the first to learn about the latest developments, get behind-the-scenes and exclusive sneak peeks, as well as take part in all our community-focused events like AMA’s, giveaways , and more. 

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