We have an exciting new blockchain game that’s coming soon. 

Introducing SolChicks!

Solchicks Logo

SolChicks is a MOBA/MMORPG where all our playable NFT characters… are chicks! 

Are they really the chicken babies as we know them, well… yes, but actually NO. 

They are actually a race of battle chickens who were once a proud race from their home planet called Chicco. 

Solchicks Chicco

They have the same rich historical culture, immense intergalactic respect and valor, and strong mentality as the Spartans!

But, sadly, they were recently attacked by their worst enemy, the SolFox. The SolChicks were overpowered and many of them died in battle. 

They were then, forced to flee and venture in space in search for answers why they were attacked, and a new home -eventually arriving to Solana 

And this is their backstory. So now we know who the SolChicks really are. They may be soooooo cute -but don’t let it distract you from their incredible might in battle. 



The concept of SolChicks’ gameplay at its core is composed of these 4 ideas: Pets, MMORPG, MOBA, and Battle-Royale -and along with that is Play2Earn!

So to be blunt, there’s really no telling in one word, what kind of game is SolChicks, but a combination of all those. And let’s talk about why. 

Now, just what are MMORPGs without their leveling up and experience grinding element? Game progression in SolChicks is content rich, and experience is needed for leveling up 

We’re gonna have 4 initially playable game modes in which we can grind our SolChicks to level them up. 



Let’s start of with the main PvP content. 

PvP Battle is an essential element of the game where your SolChick is pitted against other SolChicks in a MOBA style battle royale skirmish. 

Just look at how PvP battles are gonna look like… we’ve got HP and MP Bar here, Skills Items and MiniMap, chat box on the side -very very MOBA-style right? 

Queing can be done as solo or in teams. 

Matchmaking will bring players of equal skill level to fight each other. 

Solchicks PVP Mode

There will also be Ranked battles and Ranking Systems in the future for this game mode. 

In my opinion, the PvP element of any game is a very crucial element which can determine a game’s success. 

And I’ve gotta say, that this game’s PvP looks very promising! 


Raids are the main PvE mode that we can play with our SolChicks .

This mode uses a similar interface and battle mechanics compared to the PvP battles, but are isntead played against bosses.

The devs promises us that these Raids are NOT gonna be a walk in the park. 

It’s gonna be heavily Co-Op and Tactical -so forming a strong and united team of SolChicks with your friends is gonna be very ideal.  

Each Raid is only made available periodically for a limited period. 

Experience gained here is based on contribution. So no dilly dallying and boosting ok? HAHA 

Solchicks Raids

Bonding & Training

Remember that I mentioned earlier that the game is also about having PETS? 

Well, good news! If you can still remember your old Tamagochi that we’ve tirelessly played with and took care of when we were still little children, then you’re about to get hit my some nostalgia. 


In SolChicks, we will be playing with our pets, feeding them, make them feel loved and make sure they are as healthy as they can be. 

And there are going to be certain skills and powerups that they will get when they level up and evolve. 

So we need to regularly train them by winning PvP battles. 

Who would’ve known our Tamagochis can actually battle other Tamagochis. haha 

Quests/ Scenarios

If you think about quests, it’s gonna be like the game experience of RPGs where in we take up a multitude of quests from NPCs and progress thru the story as we advance our levels and skills and stuff. 

In the public game demo they provided, we can get a feel of how quests are gonna be implemented in the game. 

So there’s gonna be an element in the game where we have a Playable World we can roam around in and go to places and dungeons and all that awesome RPG stuff we’ve grown to love. 

Solchicks Quests

And there’s even a lot more gameplay elements that’s being developed and will be coming to the game soon! 

Things like Breeding, Farming, Occupations, In-Game Marketplaces, Gangs, Lands, and Weapons! 

Solchicks Gameplay

SolChick NFTs: Attributes & Rarity

As I have previously mentioned, all the SolChicks in game are NFTs.

Initially, the number of SolChicks that would be available for minting is only 10,000.

And any other future minting of NFTs would only come from Owners breeding their SolChicks.

These SolChicks will vary in attributes according to the variety of their parts.

And the overall rarity of each SolChick will be categorised based on the rarity of their design features and certain randomized hidden traits. 

Solchicks Rarity

We have 5 Tiers of SolChick Rarity: Common, Uncommon, RARE, MYTHICAL, and Legendary 

And the different parts are these 6 design features which also vary in rarity: 

The Head – Eyes – Accessory – Clothing – Shoes – and Background 

I know what you’re thinking. That’s a lot of cute stuff for cute chicks. I couldn’t agree more hahaha 

Ways to Earn in SolChicks

There are currently 4 ways a SolChick Owner can play to earn. 

First is by earning SolCoins by participating in Raids and getting better MMR. 

SolCoin is the game’s in-game currency that can be used to power up your SolChick, and purchase items from the ingame marketplace which can also be re-sold for profit.


Owners can earn CHICKS tokens through the weekly leaderboard of MMR rankings 

Because of this, we can all expect that the competition for rankings is gonna be a really tight competition. 

Chicks Tokens

Owners can also earn by receiving in-game rewards which are all tradable in real world exchanges in the form of NFT items, and three new tokens: 

SLC or Shards of Love 

SPOWER or Tomes of Power 

And SLEARN or Tomes of Relearning 

Solchicks Tokens

And lastly, thru Breeding SolChicks. If you own 2 SolChicks, you can spend CHICKS and SLC tokens in order to breed one. 

Breeding Solchicks

Team & Roadmap

I have to admit, looking at what the Game Developers and their Marketing has done 

The growth of their community in their socials is very impressive. Check out the numbers they’ve reached in a rather short amount of time. 

And the partnerships they have established.

Solchicks Investors

And heck, they even have Ice Cube rooting for them! HUH?! 

And Plus!!! It’s always A MAJOR PLUS! If the Team making the game are transparent. 

And here their core members: we’ve got their names, pictures, and personal socials, and even some linked in profiles.

I’m not 100% sure if what I’m about to say is going to age well, but amma say it anyway 

I believe that SolChicks has a very high potential in many aspects. 

I am truly excited for the future of this game and I can’t wait to start playing it with my friends! 

There are still so many more things and details about the game that are left for us to talk about. 

But to cover them all, this video might get hours longer haha 

So for now, just stay tuned for the next one. 


So what do you think about SolChicks? Do you agree with me? And are you as excited as I am? 

Tell us in the comments below.

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