Horse Racing/ Breeding Simulator on Harmony One

Here’s another cute and exciting NFT game coming this Quarter 1 of 2022.  

A game for those who like to be the owners of UNIQUE horses and Racehorse ranch. 

Build your horse farm, nurture, train, breed, and race to win great prizes. 

Introducing SPEED STAR

Speed Star Game Logo

Speed Star is a simulation game that you can role-play in the Starverse.  

You can build a dream horse farm, take care of your horses, train them, and breed them. Then, race to be the winner and earn huge rewards.

Here you will be rewarded with experience,  fun, and income from the work you do in-game.

That’s why their team calls it Work and Play to Earn. 

Speed Star Gameplay

This new and upcoming game will run on the high-performance network Harmony ONE. 

For those unfamiliar with it, harmony is a newer blockchain network that uses the technique “sharding” to improve the speed and efficiency of the network at a lower cost. 

Harmony One


In speed star, everyone can build and own a racehorse farm.  Players must craft facilities (NFTs) to unlock the game mode and earn rewards. 

Your goal is to improve your ranch, raise horses to win races and earn rewards with the biggest prize pools. 

Speed Star Horse Race

This game is NOT just about HORSE RACING.  

It’s also about ranching and breeding. So nope,  your character here isn’t the horse but rather there are a variety of careers you can choose from – be a jockey, breeder, therapist, or trainer.  More about that in a while.  

BUT for now, let’s talk about the horses which will be available very soon.  

Speed Star Pre Sale

Each horse is unique – from rarity to status or physical abilities, horse attributes, and fatigability.  

Pre-sale of the Origin Horses is coming soon. 

Speed STar Characters

As mentioned earlier, here you get to choose what role you want to play in-game.  

You can be a breeder whose duty is to match horses that are compatible with each other.  When a player breeds a racehorse, they will receive a breeder mastery bonus. 

Speed StAR Game Breeding

Another role you can play here is TRAINER -in charge of enhancing the strength of the racehorse.

A great horse trainer will save the fatigue and effect on racehorse status with training. 

Speed Star Game Training

Next,  special career that the horse needs when it is tired from the race or from training, or injured- the THERAPIST.

The duty of the therapist is to cure horse fatigue so they can get back to racing and training.  

Speed Star Game Therapist

And last but definitely not least, the jockey or the horse rider.  

One of the most enjoyable careers to pursue in Speed Star and the role which the devs hope will attract the greatest number of players. 

Speed Star Game Jockey

Mastery of those roles is equivalent of course to rewards in-game.   

Every job will earn JOC Tokens as a reward. 

You could also choose to take on the investor role in SPEED STAR – focusing on building stables and owning the land.  

Speed Star Land

As with other blockchain games, land here is important too.

It will mainly be used for farming whether it’s stables or a place to train or racecourse. Of course, having those land means having more income.

When you own the racecourse, for example,  you can set the price of tickets for competitions.  


There are three tokens in Speed Star: $JOC, $SPEED, and $STAR. 

Speed Star Tokenomics

JOC Token will be mainly used for character development of the players, such as vocational skills,  upgrades, and to restore a character’s work fatigue or to purchase items related to the player.  

While SPEED Token is the base currency used within the game. It will be used for farm development,  expansion, upgrades, raising horses, joining the competition, hiring other players to work on the farm, or even betting on horses in races. 

Speed Star Token

And last is the STAR Token which is the governance token of speed star.  

Limited to only 27 million tokens, $STAR will be used for trading assets on the marketplace,  creating new asset classes of NFTs within the game, as well as holding them to benefit from the business under the Starverse universe. 

Speed Star Material Token

In Speed Star, there are also material tokens.  

A token for building in-game buildings which are only generated by playing the mini-game WILD HORSE RUN mode. 

There’s the SSWood Tokens, SSGRASS Tokens, and SSIRON Tokens.  

Material Tokens will be used together with Facility Blueprints to build new facilities on the farm.  You can also sell according to market demand in Marketplace as well. 

Speed Star Wild Horse Run

For more information about Speed Stars TOKENOMICS – distribution and allocation, you can check out their whitepaper


Speed Star is created by gamers like you and me. It is developed by the Hell Factory Team. 

Hell Factory is a software house founded in 2021 located in Thailand.   

Names and pictures of the team members are provided on Hell Factory’s website.  

Hell Factory

The launching of the Speed Stars official website and whitepaper happened just a couple of months ago.  

The release of the game, the horses, and landsale will all happen this year 2022.  

You’re lucky to be the early ones to hear about this project. 

Speed Star Game Roadmap


Well, this is a question YET to be answered in the coming months.

At this point, we only have their whitepaper and website. I must say,  the graphics look good and it’s great that we get to see the team.   

But we hope to see more info regarding partners, backers and investors in the coming months. 

Well, Speed Star is just getting started.  Looking forward to seeing the release of the actual game to better understand it and to see how everything will work out.   

Speed Star NFT Game

What we could do, for now, is follow them on all of their social media channels for updates on the horse sale, token release, game release, and more. 

And make sure to join their telegram and discord channels so you could gain more information from the team themselves. Links are provided below. 

Coz’ as we always say TAYOR and DYOR. 

Thanks for reading this video! What do you think about Speed Star? 

Let us know in the comments below.

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