Want to introduce blockchain gaming to your friends, cousins, relatives, or even parents, but they aren’t real hardcore gamers.?

Well, the game we’ll feature today is a simple yet catching game, easy to access and play that people of all ages can definitely enjoy! A  fun Free to Play Match 3 game on the Binance Smart Chain.

Introducing, SUGAR KINGDOM! 


Sugar Kingdom is a blockchain NFT Play to Earn Match-3 Game. And it’s not just a game for current blockchain users but a game that could introduce blockchain to millions of players 
Why? Because of it’s addictive and immersive gameplay that is very familiar to everyone. It’s  

Similar to Candy Crush Saga. But aside from the fun experience it provides users also have an opportunity to earn.  

Ancient Kingdom


This sweet metaverse will first introduce its match 3 game. A puzzle game where the player manipulates tiles in order to make them disappear according to a matching criterion. Simply switch and match candies to win. Match 3 or more candies in a row to overcome the puzzles. Be a quick thinker and make smart moves and you’ll be rewarded in-game. 

There will be 3 Match 3 game modes in sugar kingdom,  

  •  The “Sweet Mode” in which The player has a limited amount of time, in which he must score as many points as possible. 
  • Duel ModeThis Sugar Kingdom game mode lasts 30 seconds, during which both users should be able to move their pieces in order to fit them into similar ones (there is not a limit on the number of movements).  The success of the player consists in making more points than his or her rival during that time limit. Rewards are given in $CANDY for winners, and in $CHOCOLATE for both players, just for having participated in the game.
  • And lastly, the SAVAGE MODE. Kind of like DUEL Mode, but here players must bet a certain amount of CANDY Tokens. Just as its name indicates, it’s designed to produce a maximum risk scheme with the highest benefits – made for strongly competitive players. 

Army of Chaos Apeiron


Another element available in the platform is their staking. And they have 3 types of staking available: 

  • VIP Staking where players lock CANDY in order to earn more CANDY. 
  • Sweet Staking where the user can stake their CANDY tokens in order to get CHOCOLATE (Sugar Kingdom’s governance token) as a reward!
  • And last but not the least, Royalty Staking where you can earn Royalty Points, which will allow you to become Royalty of the Kingdom. Participating in Royalty Staking is easy, you just have to block your CANDYs tokens for a certain time, then you will earn royalty points automatically. 
SpiritCore NFT A

Here in the Sugar Kingdom, there are different tiers of Royalty, each with different Customizations, Privileges, and claims to Vote Rights & Treasury among other special features.  You’d also get an avatar, rank icon to display your status, and much more.  

But if leadership is not for you, you could also be a follower and support your Lord and give them Influence Points in order to make them grow. Followers gain a % bonus on their earnings according to their Lord’s level. Likewise, Lords get a bonus % over the total earnings of their Followers. 

Gameplay Lightning Apeiron


There will be around 100,000 NFT Characters in the Sugar Kingdom. And they are categorized by rarity.  

The NFTs can only be obtained through the NFT CARD STORE and can be bought with $COOKIE and $CANDY tokens.

These NFTs can be used to: 

  1. Earn more $CANDY in DUEL MODE and SWEET MODE. Depending on their rareness, each NFT has a “DUEL & SWEET EARNINGS MULTIPLIER”. 
  2. Play more matches  (each user can only play a limited number of matches without having an equipped NFT, which will reset every 24 non-cumulative hours). After those matches, the player will have to equip an NFT, which, according to its rareness level and its “STAMINA”, will allow the player to keep on playing for more time. 
chinese ancient kingdom nft game

3. You can stake your NFTs and they will also use in order to upgrade or improve the earnings of each player, thanks to the “STAKING EARNINGS MULTIPLIER”, which will allow players to “sum” many of their NFTs so as to generate better staking earnings, having the possibility to have many NFTs and combine them to increase yield levels. 

Want to be the first one to get a sugar kingdom NFT?  

Well, good news SUGAR kingdom is giving away an NFT for those who will BUY and HODL Candy Tokens through their Token Generating Event.   

Yeap, you heard that right, you only have to buy at least 45$ worth of candy tokens and You’ll get a FREE NFT on top of your tokens. Sweet deal right? 

DOM Token GOLD Token

Note that The quality of the NFTs that you will receive depends on the amount of CANDY you HOLD/BUY: 

💸150 CANDYs = GET 1 FREE Common NFT  

💸400 Candys  = GET 1 FREE Uncommon NFT  

💸1000 CANDYs = GET 1 FREE Rare NFT! 

💸2.000 CANDYs = GET 1 FREE Mystic NFT!! 

💸5.000 Candys  = GET 1 FREE LEGENDARY NFT!!! 

For the official contract address, check out Sugar Kingdom’s OFFICIAL Social Media Channels.  

For more information about the token allocation, token release schedule and burning mechanism, you may check out their whitepaper linked below. 

Ancient Kingdom Tokenomics

TEAM & PArtners 

Sugar Kingdom boasts of having one of the strongest teams in the entire ecosystem, with a lot of people from Decentraland and The Sandbox. 

The Art Director is also the Head of Design of “The Sandbox”. The Tech Lead is a creator of a game with more than 2,000,000 downloads in the Google Play Store. 
Their Tech Advisor is the Head of Blockchain Technology at Decentraland. And Sugar Kingdom’s CFO (in charge of the economy) is also the Chief Economist of the Banking Association of Argentina.  

Ancient Kingdom NFT

The game is ready and it’s developed from scratch by Apes International Group Corp. With 20 employees whose LinkedIn profiles are PUBLIC. 

Quite a strong lineup, right?  

But wait, there’s more! They also have more than 50 partners on board. The project has already raised almost 2.5 million dollars.  

You can do more research on the team and their partners on Sugar Kingdom’s website. 

Sugar Kingdom Partners


Sugar Kingdom is an easy-to-learn, brief yet exciting game that everyone can enjoy. Looking at the project, we can see it’s a high-quality game because of the high-quality team behind it.  

We only featured their Match 3 game, but there are definitely more games, and features to come in the coming months.  

If we look at their roadmap. A tower defense game is coming later this quarter 2. Their chocolate Token will be released by Quarter 3 along with the formation of clans and more expansion will happen by the end of the year. 

Ancient Kingdom Mystery Box Sale

And the good thing here is you don’t have to invest in order to get started – you can play for FREE first.  So I can say it’s definitely worth a try.  And if you love it, then you can get an NFT.  

But as we always say, trade at your own risk and invest ONLY what you can afford to lose.     

What do you think about the Sugar Kingdom? Let us know in the comments below. And share it with your friends too!  

For more information about the game, check out Sugar Kingdom’s official links below.