What can I say? Time seems to be moving so fast and we’ve got another awesome NFT game that we’re gonna review today. 

But the real reason I said time moves so fast is because the timeline of this new Robot Battle Arena game is set in the year 2149. 

We might be actually living in the future already, considering how invested we all are in the world of metaverses and crypto. 

Better mark your calendars for February 22, coz 2 weeks from now, coming to us is: Supremacy. 

Supremacy NFT GAme

Game Overview 

Ninja Software has been developing Supremacy for a year before it was announced in public. 

Supremacy is a series of metaverse-enabled games. 

It’s quite unique in the way that it actually consists of different game platforms that simulate different parts of the Supremacy metaverse. 

Initially, there’s gonna be 3 platforms on the launch of Supremacy. And these are: 

Battle Arena, The Citizen Headquarters or SHQ, and Enrichment Centre 

Battle Arena

Under Battle Arena is a watch-to-win online spectator game with co-op elements integrated into Twitch. More about their connection to Twitch later. 

The Citizen Headquarters is an economic simulation, resource management, and resource trading online game. 

I imagine this is similar to real crypto trading where in the people are in control of the market and economy. 

Thirdly, the Enrichment Centre, now this is the play-2-earn mobile game where players solve puzzles, do tasks, take quizzes, and more fun stuff that’s required to complete work Contracts for some currency fees. More about those later as well. 

Supremacy Game

Now from Supremacy’s Battle Arena, we’ll have the very first game that they’ll release soon. 

It is a Co-op Battle Stream game where we can watch-to-win. 

It’s a play-2-earn game where everything happens in real-time everyday, 24/7. 

In the year 2149, human government has completely been overruled by Artificial Intelligence in the form of AI Robots in AI syndicates. 

This could only mean that the world is very chaotic and is full of battle-worn wastelands and arenas. 

And that’s where we players come in as Alpha Citizens or Citizens of Earth. 


Players have the right to create and maintain the Syndicates by owning NFT properties and war machines, utilizing in-game resources, and deploying weapon systems in the field. 

But what are these Syndicates? These are the very organizations operated and ruled by either a single Citizen or a group of Citizens who are united. 

In other words, a Syndicate is an organization that’s ruled by either a single player or a group of players. 

Each player, or Citizen, should choose to pledge himself in allegiance to one of the On-World Conglomerates. 

These are the biggest organizations that wages war and battles everyday for the fight over control over the world and its resources. 

SUpremacy Game1

Supremacy NFTs 

Supremacy consists of a lot of different NFTs. Let’s start with the War Machines. 

Of course, the robots are our primary NFTs, right? These are the heaviest NFTs our money can buy, hehe. 

A War Machine’s height can tower over five to seven-story buildings, and a single robot weighs over 15,000 metric tons. 

Each War Machine is made up of many different components with a variety of slots.  These include the chassis, weapons, CPU cores, pilots, and accessories. 

Supremacy NFT

The components needed for building one can be made inside the SHQ with producers, armorers, enhancers, and special buildings. 

Yes, before building the war machines, first the citizens need to build buildings in the SHQ where they could build the components needed to build the war machines. 

It takes a lot of time and resources to build a war machine -just like in real life. 

And even more so, before we can build the buildings we need, we need plots of Land to build them on first. 

Supremacy NFT

So interestingly, in the Supremacy Metaverse, right from the plot lands to the buildings, to the components, and to the finished product of war machines, and everything else in between, all of them are essentially NFTs -including RESOURCES! 

Here’s a list of everything NFTs in Supremacy: 

  • Parcels of Land
  • Resource Bulk Units
  • Buildings
  • Components
  • And the fully built and equipped War Machines themselves. 

Supremacy Type of NFTs

This means everything can be sold and bought, so I guess there’s nothing your SUPS Tokens can’t buy in the Supremacy Metaverse hehe 

In addition to those, the components of our war machines are also susceptible to wear and tear -which requires regular maintenance and repairs. 

Supremacy Contract

How to Play & Earn (Tokenomics) 

The Syndicate Token or $SUPS is the official cryptocurrency that runs the economy of the Supremacy Metaverse. 

It’s a utility token based on the BEP-20 which is the Binance Smart Chain Network. 

Knowing that means it’s got to be easily available and gas fees aren’t too expensive. 

But if you want ETH, the token is also bridgeable from BNB to ETH. 

SUPS TOkenomics

SUPS is the main rewards token as well from winning in War Machine Battles and playing The Enrichment Centre mobile games for Proof of Effort mechanisms. 

Each player’s aim is to be able to engage in battles with their own War Machine NFTs in the Battle Arena and random battles across the globe. 

And every player must choose which Conglomerate to join and fight for. These 3 are probably it: 

  • Red Mountain Off World Mining Corp
  • Boston Cybernetics
  • Zaibatsu Heavy Industries

Supremacy Game

Your NFT War Machines will be sent into battle against other War Machines of rival conglomerates when you enter Battle Queue in the Batlle Arena. 

Players can then watch the battles in real-time on Twitch.tv which operates 24/7 day and night. 

Each battle takes around 5 minutes. Citizens and spectators earn SUPS Tokens by watching the stream, choosing the winner, and engaging their own War Machines. 

The winner is the last standing War Machine. And for every win, a portion of the total prize pool is shared among spectators, members of the Conglomerate, and Citizens who financially support the Battle Arena by engaging their own SUPS. 

Syndicate HQ Supremacy

The Enrichment Centre is Supremacy’s mobile-enabled platform where players can earn SUPS Tokens by completing Work Contracts on behalf of Syndicates. 

Contracts are done to speed up the construction time and production of buildings and items. 

Here we can play minigames such as memory games, physical tasks, answer surveys and trivia questions, and solve puzzles. 

Completing your “Work Contract” means these tasks are supposed to be done within a limited timeframe. 

There is Ranking involved here, too! The better you are at accuracy, speed, and activity will grant you better power-ups, bonuses, and multipliers which will determine how many SUPS Tokens you can earn from your Syndicate and Player Work Contract. 

So as of now there are 3 known ways to earn SUPS Tokens in-game: 

  • By playing the game in the Battle Arena as you engage your War Machines for the fight. 
  • By Completing in-game contracts in the mobile platform in Enrichment Centre 
  • And by completing challenges, work contracts, and other in-world competitions. 

Development Team 

Ninja Software is the team that’s behind Supremacy. 

The team is almost fully doxed, well at least for the CEO, CTO, CBO, and COO. 

They believe that the actual economic action is the real deal when it comes to having a metaverse. Metaverse isn’t only about NFTs and fancy VR modes. 

To know more about the team and their endeavor, you can visit weareninja.com and ninjasoftware.com.au 

Ninja SOftware

Roadmap, NFT Sale, and IDO 

We’re early in, and still in Phase 1. 

Phase 2 will be more focused on NFT WAR MACHINES SALE, and forming Syndicates in Phase 3 

By Phase 4, the real feels of becoming the actual pilot of the War Machines going toe-to-toe will be made possible with advanced gaming and VR tech. 

But right now, the closest thing that’s coming is in this very month. February 22, 2022 is a big day for Supremacy. 

Roadmap Supremacy

SUPS will be available in Pancake Swap soon after the Public Utility Token Sale that’s scheduled for February 22. 

Alpha Citizens will be whitelisted for the Public Sale and will get a 24 hour head start. 

Aside from the tokens, there will also be a limited number of Genesis Collection NFTs for sale on the same day. 

Becoming an Alpha Citizen is not easy, but well worth it. 

There are many steps, including being able to complete tasks and tests within a 12-hour time frame -more details soon, so make sure to follow Supremacy on their socials, links in the description below. 


And there you have it! So what do you think about the whole thing about Supremacy? What about the battle stream game? 

Tell us in the comments below. 

Join the Supremacy community and follow the path to becoming an Alpha Citizen:

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