Axie Infinity is a blockchain game where you collect Axies.


Each Axie is a non fungible token or NFT which makes them unique and impossible to duplicate.


In this game, you battle the Axies that you own with other player’s Axies.


Three Axies


Axies can be either be bought, bred or gifted to you.
Future updates will allow utilitzation of these axies in different gameplay.


A I is currently the face of blockchain games and the play to earn model that is spreading like wild fire. It’s a new model where players are rewarded cryptocurrency by simply playing the game.


Axie Stats, Skill Cards, Class System


Now let’s talk about the basics.


Every Axie has 4 stats, Let’s discuss them one by one:


Health – If this goes to zero, then your Axie is knocked out in the match.


Speed – This decides the turn order, who takes action first. If your Axie is fast you can kill enemy Axies before they even get a chance to take any action


Skill – Adds damage to combo attacks or if you play multiple cards at once


Morale – Morale increases the chances for your Axie to do a critical strike. It also helps your Axie to get into a “Last Stand” state. Now what is a “Last Stand”


Axie Infinity


If an Axie’s health is depleted it will either die, or enter Last Stand. An Axie with high Morale makes entering last stand more likely and adds more last stand “ticks”

You’ll be surprised by how many games we’re turned around with a surprise Last Stand.



Now let’s quickly check out the parts of a skill card


Energy count – This is the energy cost of using a skill card. This may vary depending on the skill, some skills even has 0 energy cost.


Axie Energy Cost


Card Damage – The value inflicted to an enemy Axie when using this skill card


Axie Card Damage


Card Armor – The shield provided by this skill card, shield points will negate some of an enemy Axies damage to your Axie. If your shield point is higher than the incoming damage, then your Axie will get by the round unscathe.


Axie Card Armor


Card Description – This describes the effect of the skill card. It’s buffs or debuffs and the conditions that need to be met for it to take effect.


Axie Card Description


It will be wise to get familiar with each of your Axie’s skill cards to help you in using them at the right moments.


Axie Class System


Axies also have different classes, each class can be stronger or weaker versus another class, check this out.


Axie Class


Make sure to consider this especially when forming your Axie team. Going all in on one class will make you completely vulnerable to another. You may still win some games with that if you get lucky, but as much as possible we need to strive for a balanced team.


More about this on the next section


Battle Mechanics, Buffs and Debuffs, Axie Team Lineup

Axie Battle Mechanics


Axie Infinity has a turn-based gameplay. With the objective of wiping out the other player’s team.


When the Battle begins you start with 3 Energy and 6 Cards. You have 60 seconds to select cards for your turn.


Speed determines turn order. This means that the fastest Axie will attack first. If two Axies have the same speed, attack order is determined by:


Axie Battle Mechanics


Once you have selected your cards, the battle will begin.


Axies will attack the closest target, except when they are using an ability with an Effect to choose another target. For example ‘Dark Swoop’ will target the fastest Axie on the enemy team


Axie Dark Swoop


Remember that each card has an energy cost, and energy management is essential in a battle. There are times when it is best to not take any action at all in to save your energy for the next turn.


You will be able to deteremine those moments through experience.


Axie Buffs and Debuffs


As we’ve discussed earlier, Axie skill cards may inflict buffs or debuffs once certain conditions are met.


And the game doesn’t really let you know their effects while inside.

Some are self explanatory like poison or stun.
But some will leave you head scratching for a while before you understand what exactly it is that they do.


To save you the trouble you can just check the descriptions here


Axie Buffs and Debuffs Chart


These may not seem too significant to you at the start, especially some of the other debuffs.But I’m telling you, they will play a major role down the line especially in high level battles


As you continue to play the game and fight a lot of arena battles you will realize that these buffs and debuffs can sometimes be the difference between victory and defeat, you’d be thankful for every slight edge to be able to take that win.


Axie Team Line Up


For a starter team, It’s best to have a team consisting of 1 tank and 2 damage dealer or you can switch one for a utility Axie.


The tank can soak up heavy punishment while the damage dealers stay in the back and dish out heavy blows to the enemy team.


The most recommended team build-up for now and the current meta is:


1 PLANT Axie that has high HP but low attack power
1 BEAST Axie that has high crit and attack but low HP
and 1 AQUATIC Axie that has High Attack, Speed and decent HP


Axie Starter Team


But you can also switch out a beast with a BUG Axie for more utility and stuns and the AQUATIC Axie with a BIRD Axie that has even higher damage and speed, but very low HP.


As long as you have a PLANT tank at the front then you can mix it up a bit with the back lines.


Axie Team


The team discussed earlier are some well balanced teams and it is advisable to have that especially in the Arena, to give you a chance to win no matter what will appear , sinc enemies will be chosen at random.


Axie Energy


Before jumping into either Adventure mode or Arena matches you will need to know how Energy works. Each Adventure/Arena battle will cost you 1 Energy.


The maximum amount and refill speed of Energy depends on the number of Axies you own:


Axie Energy


The maximum amount and refill speed of Energy depends on the number of Axies you own


How do you earn money on Axie Infinity?


I’m sure many of you directly went to this section, and that’s alright. We all want to play while earning, hence the term Play-To-Earn.


There are 2 most know ways to make money via Axie Infinity.
Thru earning SLP crypto tokens and through breeding and selling of Axies.


But let’s focus first on earning SLP’s


The quick summary is:
Everytime you win a battle in Axie Infinity, you win SLP which can be converted to your local currency.


Now let’s expand on it that a bit more. There are 3 ways to earn SLP’s


1. Through the Daily Quest


Axie Daily Quest


The daily quest will earn you a total of 50 SLP. To complete the quest you will have to:


-Complete the daily check in
-Complete 10 Adventure mode levels
-Win 5 Arena matches

Axie Adventure Mode


2. Adventures (PVE)


Adventure mode is currently capped at 100 SLP per day. The amount of SLP you will earn from each level is random, but the higher the level the more SLP is rewarded, so don’t sleep on leveling up your Axies.


Defeating certain bosses in Adventure mode earns you one time SLP rewards:


Level 21: 200 SLP
Level 36: 300 SLP


Axie Arena/PVP


To earn SLP in the Arena you will need to spend Energy. If you have no Energy, then you won’t be able to earn SLP. The amount of SLP you can earn from Arena matches is based on your rating. The higher your rating, the more SLP you will earn. My rating is playing around 1300 – 1400 and I get 8 SLP per match. Here’s a list of the amount you can win based on your rating


Axie Rating Wins


The maximum amount of SLP you can earn per day is related to your Arena rank and the amount of Axies you have.


If you have 20+ Axies you will be to do 60 Arena matches each day (if you spend your 60 Energy and wait a full day for the Energy to regain).



If you are anywhere between 1100 to 2000 you will earn about 7 to 10 SLP per day, which means you can earn 420 to 600 SLP per day from the Arena.


You will also be able to get 100 SLP from Adventure mode and 50 SLP from the daily quest. This is a total of 570 to 750 SLP per day with 20+ Axies.



Now for a newbie I’ll use a more realistic scenario for our example on how much you can earn


Let’s say you get 150 SLP per day.


Now let’s look the current price of SLP on coinmarket cap.


Multiply that by that with 150 SLP then that is ballpark amount you can earn everyday.


Axie Infinity Scholarships

Axie Infinity Scholarship


There is currently a large amount of people who are waiting to play the game, but who are not willing to invest their money.


If you check the Axie Infinity marketplace you’ll see that the price of each Axie is even higher than the price of one video game.


Axie Prices


And an Axie team of 3 can even be more expensive than a full gaming console. This wasn’t the case before though, but ever since the release of the Play to Earn documentary, Axies skyrocketed in value.


Axie Play to Earn Documentary


This makes it incredibly difficult to get started, because without playing the game it can be difficult to know how to buy the right Axies.


To counter this issue, some community members have started Scholarship Programs.


Axie Scholarship Programs


These are players with a large amount of Axies to spare, who are willing to lend them out to new players to get them started.


Most of Scholarship arrangements is that a portion of the SLP earnings go to the player and the other portion goes to the scholarship provider, for example Yield Guild Games has a 70/20/10 split. 70% goes to the player, 20% goes to the manager, 10% goes to YGG


Yield Guild Games Split


But that’s not always the case.
Some arrangements may have have a 60/40 or 50/50 split. Again, this will be based on your agreement with each other, and the contract you agreed upon needs to be respected.


It is important that you clear this part early on to avoid headaches and disputes in the future on both sides.



With that, Axie Scholarships takes the risk by investing.
The scholar then just need to focus on playing and finishing their daily quota and the manager or scholarship provider can just sitback and relax while earning.


It’s quite a beautiful thing really.


Where to apply for axie scholarships


You can find scholarship providers in so many places now, It may be on Discord, Telegram or even on Facebook groups. There are so many.

But of course, there are even more applicants, so you have your work cut out for you in getting their attention to be considered.


But if someone contacts you though, make sure first that you are communicating with a legit personal account not a fake one. And never give out your seed phrase, money or any bank accounts.


Axie Breeding Guide

Axie Breeding


Breeding is when two Axies create new offspring.
You need to choose 2 Axies to breed that are not siblings and or parent to child. This game has strong morals too you know.



Breeding costs 4 AXS and a certain amount of SLP depending on the breed count of the Axies you are currently breeding.



The breed count is how many times the Axie has already produced offspring. The higher the breed count, the more SLP you will need to breed again.


Check the chart here:



This means that if you have an Axie with a breed count of 2 and an Axie with a breed count of 3, then the total costs of breeding are 4 AXS and 1200 SLP.




Just go to your inventory and select the first Axie you want to use then select the Breed button.


A new window will open where you will be able to select the second Axie for your breed


Choose the second Axie for your inventory, and press ‘Let’s Breed!’.


You will get a message to confirm the breed and after a few seconds, your new Egg will be in your inventory and this egg can be morphed into an adult after 5 days.




And that is the end of this blog, good job in reaching this point! If you made it this far then you are more than equipped with the knowledge to start your Axie Infinity journey.


Other things you need to learn will be picked up as you spend time playing the game and gain more experience.


Keep in mind that Axie is just getting started.


Axie Infinity Land


There are still a lot of things in-store for in the future, and I’m expecting more quests and game modes to be coming soon.


Especially with Axie Infinity land release in the horizon.


For more Axie Infinity content and other blockchain gaming, make sure to follow me on Facebook, Twitter and join our fast growing community of blockchain gamers in the Blockchain Gamers FB group.






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