When you hear the word NFT I’m sure at least one of these images comes to your mind. 

Most popular NFTs are animal-themed. But the project we’ll talk about today is quite different, they’re NFTs inspired by humans. And not just any humans but influencers. 


Introducing: Presidents-NFT – a one-of-a-kind exclusive NFT collection of 20,000 masterpieces that launched on the BNB Chain.  

And what’s unique about it, is that it’s not just another PFP NFT but a gamefi project too.

The President’s is the first unique hand-drawn NFT portrait collection of 50 of the most powerful and well-known influential leaders in world history.    

These colorful artworks include prominent presidents of the USA, Europe, Asia, Latin America, and the USSR who have had a significant impact on this world that we live in today.  It also includes crypto pioneers such as the leaders of Binance, Ethereum, and TRON. 

Ancient Kingdom

The collection features 8 types of exclusive President Portraits:

-World (13070 pieces) 

-World Legends (2408) 

-USA (3734) 

-USA Legends (453) 

-Soviet (285) 

-Crypto (39) 

-Secret (10) 

-Satoshi (1) 

Of course, the fewer there are of a certain type of President, the rarer they are.   

Each portrait is unique. Using AI or Artificial Intelligence, the NFTs were distributed with 246 traits so that each of them is custom and one of a kind. Some of these special features are their eyes, glasses or clothing that they wear and accesories that even include masks.  

Army of Chaos Apeiron

One President can be minted for 0.3 Binance Coin (BNB) using the Metamask wallet. If we check its price equivalent today, that’s around 135 dollars.   

The Presidents marketplace, which will allow users to buy, sell and trade their Presidents will open after 20% of the Presidents are minted. 

But as of the moment, some users has already been actively selling and reselling NFT presidents at tofunft.com. Same platform as Speed Star – the horse racing & breeding game we reviewed here before. 

SpiritCore NFT A


As I mentioned in the INTRO, the president’s NFT also has a gamefi aspect to it. 

Users can participate in the fun and competitive blockchain games and be rewarded with the platform’s governance token once the mint is over. 

And the first game they mentioned releasing first is the War of Morale. Kind of like Axie Infinity in some ways like players will need to create a team consisting of three NFTs to play. 

Here each president has 4 main in-game skills: 



-Diplomacy (Increases your chance of defence as the opponent can miss)  

-Luck (Striking your opponent through defence, stronger strike, and more)  

Gameplay Lightning Apeiron

All of these add up to become a President’s “Morale”, AKA, health. Thus the name War of Morale.   

Here there are 4 factors that can be defended and attacked:


-Public Health  


-Raw Materials 

Users will need to choose what factor they will defend in their Presidents, as well as what factor they will attack the opponents President.   

Each strike impacts the Morale of the Presiden, and once it’s down to zero, they won’t be able to attack their opponent’s President.   The winner is the last President standing with the highest morale left.  

After a bAttle, the presidents will need some time first to regenerate their Morale before they can play again. 

Once the “War of Morale” game is launched on the platform, the players that will win the firstt competition will receive a prize of $250,000. 

chinese ancient kingdom nft game

Aside from earning from the game, the project also has what they call cashback pools. A way of giving back to its users and supporters for their contribution to the project. 

By minting 50 or more presidents, you join a cashback pool that will allow you to get from 3% (cashback up to 180BNB)  to 7% cashback (up to 420BNB split between all users in the pool.)   

That’s a total of 600 BNB distributed back to contributors. tHIS POol rewards can be obtained after the mint of all 20,000 Presidents.   

Another thing, as with some nft projects here Each user also has the opportunity to receive a personal referral link.  When the link is used by someone else to mint Presidents, the user whose link is used will receive 10% of the total transaction amount.  

DOM Token GOLD Token


The Presidents will have its own governance system and governance token,  in order to better connect the plans of the project with the needs of the community.   

As of now, we don’t have much information about those tokens except that users will receive the President’s exclusive governance token from playing games on the platform.    

Users will be rewarded not only for winning but also for participating in games.  Those tokens will allow users to participate in the governance system, and to vote on the decisions of the project including, partnerships features, changes, and more.    

As per their whitepaper, this will be revealed at stage 4 when 80% of the collection is minted. 

Ancient Kingdom Tokenomics


The roadmap of the presidents is divided into 5 stages – no exact dates but it is identified through the percentage of NFTs minted. Stage 1 is already finished, with the launch of their NFTs listed on some popular BSC marketplaces. 

Early minters were lucky to get 1 president free for minting 2 presidents.   

By this time, the project is still in stage 3. Much more things to expect in the coming months like the launching of their tokens and their game War of Morale. 

Ancient Kingdom NFT

As per the team, if you check their website you could see the amazing artist behind the collection.

A woman named Alena was known for her unique style – contrasting coloring schemes and use of lines bringing pictures to life. A link to her Instagram account is provided on the site.   

The other team members however are not doxxed but are said to have experiences in their own respective fields. 

We don’t know much about them but their telegram account is linked as well on the telegram if you wish to ask more questions regarding the project just send them a DM.

Ancient Kingdom NFT Roadmap


The Presidents NFT Collection is truly a unique hybrid of traditional and digital art.  And I must say, those portraits do look interesting.  However, it’s still early to say anything about other aspects of the project since much of the critical information is yet to be released.

Looking forward to hearing more about the token – its launch and distribution plan, the team, and if it will have solid backers and partners as well of course one of the important part of any gamefi project – is the game itself. 

So far no gameplay footage has been released yet so I am curious to see as to how the game would look like. For now we can only wait and see. But as I mentioned earlier, the team is generous to its early adopters. 

Upon checking their social media channels, I stumbled upon several contests they held with the community like giving away NFTs, even Iphone 13s and a 10,000 dollar reward to the lucky person to mint President 19,978. 

Ancient Kingdom Mystery Box Sale

So if you are interested in the project and want to know more information about it, make sure to follow the Presidents NFT on all of their SOCIAL MEDIA CHANNELs linked below.

But as we always say, trade at your own risk and invest ONLY what you can afford to lose.