We must all be getting used to huge NFT events and big rewards by now. I mean how long have we been playing Blockchain Games since the hype started? 

This time, instead of going big, we’re going small, cute, and tiny.  Everything here is tiny!

The NFT Heroes, the Kingdoms, Dungeons, the Farms, you name it! So, say hello to the new little big world of Tiny World!

Tiny World Logo

The name may suggest that Tiny World involves a lot of tiny little cute things, but that’s not necessarily the case when it comes to the game itself and the earning potential it brings.  

There is actually more than just one Tiny Game in Tiny World. And I expect there will be even more soon. 

Currently, Tiny World has 2 tiny products: Tiny Farm and Tiny Games. And under Tiny Games, we have the Tiny Kingdom and Tiny Dungeons. 

Tiny World has a complete Defi system in the form of Tiny Farm. This includes a series of Defi elements such as Yield Aggregator, Liquidity Mining, Staking, Farming NFTs, Looting Mystery boxes, and everything else that’s done with Trading in the Marketplace.  

Plus they actually even plan on featuring the utilization of your NFT heroes with Tiny Farm’s DeFi. 

Tiny Farm

Now for the Tiny Kingdom, this is where Idle Trading happens. Simply to say, it’s an idle trading game, where players are expected to just use a little of their free time to battle and get profit from trading.  

The Tiny Kingdom features leaderboards as well and being the best or one of the best will reward you with crypto tokens.  

And the other one, Tiny Dungeons, is the simulation game of Tiny World that has a tower defense game mechanism.  This features NFT lands that you can buy and here you can build your own dungeons. Players will be able to loot rewards from other dungeons if they are successful with their attacks. 

 So setting up your defenses strategically well is a sure must. Your dungeon may be tiny but it sure needs huge defenses. 

Tiny Dungeons

How to Earn with Tiny Farm NFTs 

In Tiny Farm, there are several ways we can play to earn. Starting off with the Tiny Vault where you can earn many different types of rewards by staking LP Tokens.  

Game assets like Runes and other NFTs can be farmed here and can be sold in the marketplace for profit. You can get your NFT Tiny Heroes here, too! And they will vary according to certain parameters: 

Tiny Hero Parameters

Just take note that they themselves said that these leaderboard rankings and rewards may still be subject to change especially when more Tiny Games come out.  

Now, how is the Tiny Game called the Tiny Kingdom played anyway? You can think of Tiny Kingdom as a collection of many games.  

But in the heart of Tiny Kingdom, it’s simply an auto-battling idle game where your Tiny Heroes will keep fighting endless waves of enemies, as soon as you press COMBAT. When you prompt to end the battle by pressing RETREAT, you will then be rewarded with special materials and crystals which can then be used to forge epic equipment. 

automatic combat

Your heroes have a ranking system and must get promoted in order to unlock higher stages. You can go up to stage 14 as you keep getting stronger by upgrading equipment. Higher stages, better rewards.  

So it’s here in Tiny Kingdom’s Idle Auto Battles where you do Collecting Materials… and Forging Equipment.   

Each equipment can be upgraded up to level 10 and each upgrade requires you to synthesize some more units of the same equipment plus some crystals.  

Now let’s talk about Durability. Yes, your equipment’s durability decreases after each battle. And when it finally hits 0 durabilities, each of its stats will receive a -30% penalty. So it’s essential to repair them using your crystals. 

Tiny World Equipment

Tiny Heroes of Tiny Kingdom of Tiny World 

 Tiny Heroes are the main NFTs of Tiny World.  

The way to get them is by using summon runes from Tiny Farm, and after getting them we can send them to the Tiny Kingdom to play games. You only need a minimum of 1 Tiny Hero to qualify in the Tiny Kingdom. 

And of course, a higher tier equals better stats. And there are quite a plenty of stats to understand.  

Now just a quick look at Hero Expedition. This is a crucial way to get some high class materials in game.  

And here’s a simple chart that shows the probability of getting great rewards in regards to the rarity and level. 

Tiny World Hero Expedition

Later as the game evolves, Tiny World will be bringing us a few things with online multiplayer mechanics.  

Community Boss Raid and PVP Arena. Plus, a really exciting PET System -so along with our Tiny Heroes we get Tiny Pets, too! 

Tiny Heroes

How to Earn in Tiny Dungeon  

This Tiny Game will be launching later this year with an NFT land presale. You can earn rewards just by building your dungeon.  

But if you’re the competitive type, then you can also send your squad of NFT Heroes to attack and loot other players’ Tiny Dungeons. 


More Ways to Earn  

There are even more you can earn in Tiny World. So let’s talk about each of them.  

The first is by Item Trading. All materials and equipment can be traded on the in-game marketplace.  We get what we see on surface value. So farming items for sale will yield earning revenue through trading. 

Moving on now. Another way to earn is by Item Recycling. Tiny World’s game treasury allows players to have their Items recycled. 

 It’s basically burning NFTs to yield other rewards. 

tINY World

And lastly, we have Asset Lending. Which is exactly just like Renting NFTs.  

Tiny World has implemented asset lending to open further ways to earn through asset ownership.  

You will be able to loan NFTs to other players for a fee. And in turn, renters can use your NFTs and you basically earn passive income from them.  And your NFTs are still safely yours coz they made this lock-up feature that prevents renters from selling the NFTs themselves.  

So yeah, no worries about that! 

Tiny World

Tiny Coin ($TINC) 

$TINC Tokens or Tiny Coin is a BEP-20 Token. Well, it is kinda obvious that it’s in the Binance Smart Chain Network coz you could see it on the top right of your screen when you enter with your wallet address. There, your BNB and BUSD are displayed.  

This cryptocurrency is a key component of Tiny World’s decentralized game economy. It is used in-game for many important in-game purchases that are essential in-game. 
You can earn Tiny Coins in many ways. 1st is from Liquidity Pool Farming in Tiny Farm’s Tiny Vault.

Staking $TINC also yields for even more $TINC  

Tiny World Economy

Another is from NFT Farming in Tiny Farm’s NFT Yield Farming. And even more ways by Trading, Leaderboards, Item Recycling, Asset Lending, and winning PvP Battles. 

Staking TINC not only makes you earn more TINC, but it also allows you to participate in the Tiny World Governance. 

Plus, staking TINC is a necessary condition for the promotion of your personal rank in Tiny World, which will give you certain advantages and in-game privileges.  

To know more about Tiny Coin and Tiny World Economic model, just visit https://docs.tinyworld.io 

Tiny World NFT Yield farming

Game Launch & Roadmap 

Tiny World’s Official Launch Program has already started 11 days ago, back on March 3. And it’s scheduled for 2 whole weeks and is about to come to a close.  

Investors and Early Game testers have already come in and there are already Tiny Coins and NFT Tiny Heroes in circulation and available in the marketplace.

Everything is easily accessible, just simply visit tinyworlds.io and their site is very user-friendly.  

So here’s what they have already accomplished and are currently working on

Tiny World Roadmap

There’s actually much more to know about Tiny World which just wouldn’t fit in this article alone, so you can go check out their website and whitepaper and see for yourself. Link in the description. 

I couldn’t find anything about the development team, but they do have investors and partners. I must admit that I am interested in trying out the Idle Games myself, but you still need to decide for yourself. 
Tiny World’s Tiny Devs aren’t doxed, so just remember to always trade at your own risk and invest only what you can afford to lose. So what do you think about Tiny World? Tell us in the comments below.