In our last Big Time blog, we talked about many things about the overview of the game’s gameplay, RPG elements, and play to earn feature with NFTs

This time, let’s get it going by diving into more detail about the lore, story, NFT and tokens.

Oh and since you’re here, don’t forget to check out the first video I just mentioned.

So once again, time to go Big Time!

Big Time

Story and Lore

The story of Big Time comes from a long array of historic events. And the main setting of the story is that there’s currently a multi-universal threat crisis that’s on going.

Different eras have collided with each other, plus some of them are even getting more and more corrupted, giving birth to new unrecognizable twisted timelines.

Stretching from significant events from 61 AD up to the contributions of Albert Einstein himself in 1933 AD -and in the in-betweens, we got Genghis Khan, Joan of Arc, and Billy the Kid

They specifically mentioned them, so I expect that it’s gonna have some sort of significance in the game soon.

So what happened is that amidst of all these chaotic timeline clashes, a small planet known as Time’s End became the last stable place for refugees.

As anyone would expect, the place quickly became immensely over populated.

And a visionary named Conrad Cincade capitalized on this and develop some sort of utilization to manipulate time.

His company called PARADOX CORP. now sells utopias on demand.

They call it, TIMESHARES -they are like these pocket universes where anything anyone wants can possibly be achieved.

Everyone was willing to give away all their money and assets just to experience a new world of their own liking -which is also as an escape from the terrible conditions of the current state of their world.

I mean, just imagine a world that fits all your wants and hits everything on your checklist… right?

Dinosaurs living in the old west, Old Japan in the samurai era -but with robots -the possibilities are endless!

So of course, Paradox is going to be the most successful business, company, enterprise, and corporation ever in history

-and along with that honor, comes the dishonor of being blamed for everything wrong that’s going on in the universe.

However, this timeline crisis phenomenon maybe very destructive, but at least it allowed all the most brilliant minds of all time to be able to gather at Time’s End

And of course, this includes Albert Einstein -the very founder of the Theory of Relativity and Spacetime itself!

Evermore Academy is the foundation they built from the ground up that’s devoted into protecting time by assembling all of history’s heroes.

And this is where we all players come in…

In Big Time, we are time travelers who’ve been summoned to the end of the universe or Time’s End, to journey to the farthest reaches of time and space, where we’ll encounter ancient mysteries, terrifying dangers, and even a few familiar faces.

Faces that we’ve seen from our old history textbooks as a child, and probably from Wikipedia

Space NFTs and the upcoming Big Time Token

Now let’s talk about some of Big Time’s revealed features when it comes to play-to-earn!

Big Time GG is having an exclusive limited-edition SPACE NFT sale soon which is offered as an application-only basis.

The criteria for judging will be based on community involvement, gaming vision, and guild maturity.

These would be guaranteed slots for whoever is chosen, but good news!

They still plan to hold a public sale for everyone who’s interested early in December.

But wait, what are SPACE NFTs?

They are similar to the idea of NFT land sales from other games which offers them.

But instead of plot lands, we get “spaces.” So these spaces are very valuable since they are actually rare and very limited.

But how do they work exactly? It’s like this…

Each player will have his/her own time machine early on in the game.

A time machine is like a unique bubble of spacetime that is directly related to the player who owns it.

Time machines also unlock unique game features, utilities, and access for installing portals, rooms, and crafting areas.

For a little bubble of spacetime, there’s only so much a player can do in it, but these SPACE NFTs allows players to expand their base layout and size.

SPACES will give players more freedom to build up their Time Machines however they wish by adding more rooms and specialized crafting stations and a whole lot more.

And it’s a consumable piece of NFT, mind you. These minted NFTs are burned as soon as they are used for Time Machine expansion.

Not all SPACES are the same tho.

Different SPACEs unlock different features which will boost different NFT capabilities and grant exposure to the future Big Time Token.

Like, a player can use a Forge add-on to craft and repair special equipment that will be crucial for fighting special enemies.

If you’re interested in applying, check out this link for more details.

And speaking of the future Big Time Token -which still doesn’t have an official name yet, let’s talk about that!

For now, we have an idea about the usage of this token. Let’s call it BTT for now… or Big TT… 

And also as for now, we only know that these tokens can only be acquired as in-game rewards.

Now… Check out this Diagram big time has given us!

We start with being able to acquire SPACE NFTs and using them to expand our personal pocket universe -which is basically our own little home and base of operations -which will have its own utilites and benefits,

It’s still not clarified if whether or not other players or friends can actually visit you in your pocket universe, but the idea is very exciting if we can actually do that eventually!

I mean, who builds a house and makes it as awesome as you can and doesn’t invite people to come over, right?

Going back to the topic…

Next, players will be able to acquire our own time keeper early in-game, and another one called Hourglass

And apparently, these things can also be purchased from the marketplace

The Hourglass seems to have the role like the “energy” in other popular games. It’s needed as a consumable limited resource that let’s us play to earn tokens and other rewards.

And that’s basically the gist of it.


So? What do you think about big time so far? Tell us in the comments below

Be sure to stay tuned for the part 3, Big Time is just a little too Big to fit in a single blog you know hehe.

Next time, we will also talk more about the enemies, factions, and adventures that can be found in the game.

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