Interest in NFTs and play-to-earn games doesn’t seem to be wavering. 

Just last month, DappRadar reported $720 million was invested in blockchain games. And Axie Infinity has smashed through yet another milestone figure, with its total NFT trading volume surpassing $4 billion.  

Why are investors seeing NFT GameFi projects as high risk but high reward investment opportunities? and what should you look for in GameFi projects with potentially 100x  upsides? Let’s find out 


With traditional console and PC gaming, the motivation is pure enjoyment. Unless you’re a professional esports player or streamer, you will never be able to monetize your playtime.  

But with blockchain technology and play-to-earn mechanics, gamers are now financially rewarded where their game time is exchanged for token rewards, which provides two paths to earn through further staking or exit via an exchange.

And not only that, you get to own your character and in-game items. Unlike in regular video games where your items are owned by the companies that created the game, NFTs enable players to own the unique assets that they purchase. 

And although it’s still early days for the world of blockchain gaming, much excitement awaits early adopters, especially as the world moves toward mass adoption. 

Ancient Kingdom

NFT and GameFi are relatively new concepts in the blockchain space, but over the last few years, the ecosystem has attracted an equal share of both investors and gamers due to: 

1. creation of utility value for NFT – moving them beyond simply great art but now investment tools that can earn an income stream 
2. fair monetary rewards proportional to effort and time spent in the game  
3. ownership of your ingame assets (NFT and any other purchases) 
With the utility, asset ownership, and rewards mechanism, there is no doubt the future of gaming lies in GameFi.

So yes, the time to get in is NOW, particularly because we are in a bearish market. GameFi and their NFT assets that provide the gateway to the gaming environment presents a potentially stronger investment option  

There are a growing number of game projects that you could consider investing in, that promise exciting gameplay and financial incentives. 

Army of Chaos Apeiron

Here’s the gamefi I want to introduce you to COSMOS HEROES – a Superheroes NFT Metaverse that redefines the concept of GameFi. 

Created by a team of comic book lovers, characters here in this game are heroes with a sense of justice and moral compass that defiantly protect the weak. 

The project offers 11,111 hand-drawn superheroes NFTs, including 2,000 predesigned, 6,000 DIY Superheroes, 1,000 of them will be designed by top comics artists, 1,000 for giveaways and the remaining would be for a secret release.

Yeap, here you and renowned comic artists have the option and freedom to design and own your superheroes, but similarly, our talented global design team has created a library of high quality hand drawn superhero NFTs to help your imagination run wild.

Cosmos Heroes

Unlike 2D PFP NFTs, your superheroes will be your representation in this thrilling metaverse – where ur characters will compete in PvP, PvE & MMORPG gaming environments.  

Cosmos Heroes will also solve the problem every blockchain game faces right now: gameplay takes a backseat in preference for play to earn tokenomics. Today’s GameFi users miss out on the graphics, storyline, and overall gameplay experience that traditional gamers demand. 

CH not only has a strong tokenomic model but is built on Unreal Engine for an immersive experience. And if you don’t know Unreal Engine, they power some of the world’s biggest games including Fortnite, Valorant, and SIFU. 

Cosmos Heroes also will feature a STAKE TO EARN option wherein staking Superheroes NFT or participating in the quests, players could gain Stake 2 Earn and Play 2 Earn tokens which allow them to be part of the DAO community and acquire valuable digital assets in the Metaverse. With 1 Super Heroes NFT, you can unlock 2 more NFTs – 1 Sidekick and 1 Super Villain. 

Gameplay Lightning Apeiron

As with other blockchain games, through DAO or Decentralized Autonomous Organization, you have the ability to shape the storylines of the Cosmic Heroes metaverse. The ownership of the game is redistributed to the entire community. You get to have a say in the project and its future. And that’s the beauty of DAO.   

In Cosmos Heroes, you play, stake, and earn. They are just getting started but have great plans ahead for the project and the metaverse which I’m sure we are looking forward to knowing more about. 

chinese ancient kingdom nft game

And as always, we hope to meet the team behind this project and their future backers, partners, and investors. 

To be updated on their latest news, updates, tokens, and their whitepaper release – make sure to follow Cosmos Heroes in all of their social media channels linked below. 

Note that they are also running a referral campaign to give out their first whitelist spots. Join their Twitter, discord, and IG to know more about it.   

Anything else you could add as to why it’s good to invest in play to earn games now? Or maybe if you haven’t joined the bandwagon yet, what’s holding you back? Let us know in the comments below. 

The NFT gaming space is sure to continue to grow and become more widely adopted. While we only highlighted Cosmos Heroes today, there’s a vast library of play-to-earn games waiting for you to explore.