Looking for a FREE TO Play, Play to Earn NFT game?  

Well today, I’m excited to share with you this new project  that needs NO initial investment to get started and it’s called – WIDILAND 

Wanna know more about this game? Then let’s get started! 


This NFT game started in June 2021. The game and it’s story is inpired by real life environmental crisis.  

Widiland takes place at the year 2130 when Earth is slowly dying from toxic waste and resources are depleted. Humans are in danger of food and energy scarcity. That’s why a small group  of scientists was chosen to travel and search for life in outer space.. (sounds familiar?) 

Well in this story, they found TKE-1012 and called it WIDILAND.  

Widiland Story

But then something happened that caused severe damages to the team’s spacecraft and equipments. Now, all crew suffers food-energy depletion. Their unique opportunity is building their own Food-Energy System on this planet.  


The game is about exploring and building a new world. Player’s task is to rebuild civilization on the Widi planet using limited tools and resources.  

To succeed, a player must manage those resources effectively and increase production capacity to expand their territory. 

The beginning of the journey is about survival! Remember the story earlier? the crew’s food supply is running out, so players need to quickly build up their food supply by developing agriculture in Widi.  

Widiland Metaverse

In chapter 1, there will be 3 character classes for players to choose and monitor: Farmer, Miner, and Builder.  

As I’ve said in the intro it’s free to play  

– At the start the player is given two default characters and a cropland (NOT NFT) to join Widiland. 

But there’s an option to buy special characters and working lands from publisher or others players in the marketplace as well.  

Widiland NFT Characters


Widiland NFT Characters

Now let’s talk about those NFT Characters and their unique traits.  

Farmers are essntial to the food supply system. They have a lot of experience in growing crops, taking care of livestock, and cooking – so they have higher speed in cultivating lands, crop farming, breeding; higher returns when selling agricultural products. 

Widiland NFT Farmer

Miners are characters with high physical strength and experience in mining map resources or in mines therefore it has higher mining stamina, higher productivity and more chance to mine  rare items.  

Builders are talented architects.  They are in charge of building constructions at Widi, including: factories, barns, and more. Thanks to the builder, the construction time is significantly reduced thereby increase enhancing items rate. 

The rarity of those characters also varies as there are many levels: Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, and Legendary. 

Widiland NFT Game Start



Here in widiland they have a unique feature called Character Summon.

When two characters agree to match, they can call a new soul that inherits the genes and characteristics of the two original beings (Note that default characters can not participate in Summoning).. 

 The summoned soul is also an NFT character that can equally participate in all activities in the game like every other character. 

But in order to summon, players need a little $WSO Fee to complete this process.  

Yeap! Sounds a lot like breeding in some sense!  

Widiland NFT Game Start



Next let’s talk about NFT Lands.  

Along with Character, land is an indispensable element at Widi. 

By default, the player will be given a cropland (again NOT NFT). When owning a land, players can start constructing impt building on it, such as: farm, animal farm, machine.

The land decides what kind of crops can be grown on it. There are up to 6 different types of land according to different soil environments, different crops and different rarity.  

Land can be purchased by participating in events or purchased on the secondary market. 

Widiland NFT Lands


Game Activities

After choosing characters and lands, players can start playing and earning rewards through many in-game activities. 

Cultivating and Breeding – for Farmers 

*in which they use different types of crops to plant inside the crops field area. Each crop requires an amount of time to grow before harvesting.  

Breeding – Also You can take part in pet care when owning characters with the Breeder job. Breeding includes feeding and collecting.  

Cooking/Mixing – Only characters with the Chef job can perform this action. Cooking involves working with a machine (the bakery and milk factory) by putting in different types of crops/goods and collecting the finished products. 

Widiland Breeding

Collecting – Players can explore the maps with the potential that random items might appear to be collected. Unsurprisingly, these items can be traded in the Marketplace or used for actions such as Mining ore.  

Trading – Players can trade items in the in-game Marketplace. 

Interacting – Widiland is an NFT Social Networking game that makes it possible for you to interact with other players through: Make Friends, Private Chat, World Chat and Give Gifts. 

There are more exciting events that will be held seasonally for players to partcipate and earn rewards such as different festivals like horse racing, cooking and pet festival.  

Widiland Marketplace


Widiland Marketplace

Widiland will have their own NFT MArketplace where players and ivnesters can use $WIDI to buy  digital assets as NFTs (such as Characters, Lands or Treasures) directly from the Publisher or the Primary Market or collect them from other participants all in one platform.  

WidiLand’s Marketplace features:  

  • Monetizing game assets  
  • Pricing, Buying, or Selling NFT Assets  
  • Renting or Leasing NFT Assets  
  • Bidding, Auctioning NFT Assets  
  • Searching and Filtering Items 
  • Limiting orders 

Widiland NFT game Assets


Widiland Game Assets

Seed Items, Harvested Items from farming or mining, Product Items with which you use your harvests and Special Items that can be randomly collected. 

Now it’s time to talk about the most important aspect of any crypto project the tokenomics. 

Just like Axie Infinity, WDILAND applied the dual-token model – there are 2 tokens in the same game, one token for administration, buying, and selling items, … and one token for in-game rewards. 

WIDI Token


WIDI Token

WIDI Token is the business token of WidiLand with a hard cap of 400 million. It will be used for:

  • Purchasing lands and items at NFT Marketplace 
  • Staking to earn interest

WSO Token

Next is the $WSO Token which is the native currency in WidiLand.  

It is a secondary token with an unlimited supply that can be used in the WIDI Land ecosystem for specific purposes: 

  • Summon fees. 
  • In-game and inflation token: mint-burn. 
  • In-game activities: Upgrade items, Lotto Games, etc. 

You can earn $WSO token as rewards for in-game activities like:

  • Daily Quests 
  • Battles Pass 
  • Monthly Pass 
  • LeaderBoard 
  • Events 

Widiland NFT Game

Now here’s the break down of the TOKEN Allocation: 

To raise capital, Widiland allocated 2.5% to IDO, 9.5% to PRivate sale and 6% to Seed Partner. While 20% of the total suply is for the Team and Advisors.  

The biggest percentage goes to rewarding payers through in game activities, quests and tournaments.  

Also, to ensure the development of the project, WidiLand provided 15% to the Metaverse Fund, 12% to Community & Marketing, and 2% of the Reserve was used to develop the game, cover operating costs and expand the ecosystem.

For more details regarding their tokenomics and the release schedule, you may check it on their website linked below.  

Widiland Token Allocation



This month of November is when IDO will take place. Next month is the start of Game Beta and DEX listing. And chapter 1 finally starts by next year.

It’s good that you watching right now coz’you’ll be the early ones to enter the game. So make sure to put Widiland on your list.  

Widiland Roadmap

Actually we only covered Chapter 1 of their gameplay, Chapter 2  which is to be launched Q3 of 2022 is about protecting the ecosystem from invaders and monsters.

And chapter 3 is about the NEW ERA more about that in the next videos. 


Widiland has a long-ranging development plans stretching to 2024.

And aiming to build DAO metaverse in 2024.  

Widiland Metaverse



What’s good about this project is that the team are FULLY DOXXED.

We can see the complete list of experts who made Widiland on their whitepaper and website along with a link to their Linked In profiles.

Same with their advisors and the list of their many partners. 

Widiland Team



Usually to get started in other games, players have to invest a big amount to purchase the token but here newcomers get 2 default non-NFT characters and 1 cropland to start the journey.

Love that we have the option to test the game first then decide whether or not we want or need to invest in the project. 

And going back to the game’s story, another good thing about Widiland is how they encourage protecting the environment, building green earth, connecting people to people, etc.   

Plus, they are transparent about the team and the project.  

Widiland Gameplay

Widiland promises to give players the most enjoyable experience and I am definitely looking forward to how these things will be implemented. But for now, all we can do is wait and see how Widiland will turn out.  

Personally I love games with farming aspect to it so I’d definitely add this to my list. What about you? What do you think about this project? Let us know in the comments below. 

If you think this is promising then share it to your friends as well.  And make sure to follow WIDILAND on their official social channels link below for more updates about the game and token launch. 

🔵Widiland Links:

🔘Official TG Group: https://t.me/widiland

🔘Website: https://widiland.com/

🔘Twitter: https://twitter.com/WidiLand

🔘Fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/widiland/

🔘Medium: http://widiland.medium.com/

🔘More details: https://docs.widiland.com/

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