Inspired by classic role-playing games like Heroes of Might and Magic, King’s Bounty, and Raid: Shadow Legends, our featured game today is called Wizardia. 

It is built on a traditional RPG system in which hero characters and their abilities take center stage.   

Wizardia is a Play-to-Earn online role-playing game in a magic-filled metaverse that will keep sending you on otherworldly adventures while also lining your pockets with sweet cryptocurrency.   

But is Wizardia really a game to be played and benefited from?  Let’s find out. 


Wizardia is a strategy game with unique NFTs at its core. It is set in a futuristic world enhanced by magic.    

It’s built on three core gameplay pillars: innovative turn-based combat, player-decision-driven game evolution, and upgrade-based character progression.    

Each player can take part and specialize in different game modes such as PvP and PvE battles, base-building and exploration, Spellcraft, and research of crafting recipes.  

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Multiple pathways allow players and investors alike to succeed in the Wizardia economy, with valuable tokens and NFTs tradable in-game as well as in external exchanges.    

Good news is, a free-to-play option will be made available so players can learn the basics of the game. 

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The game takes place after a universal calamity, known as “The Tearing”. The world and reality changed when “The FOG” rolled in.  You find yourself in a newly born metaverse where you must uncover the magic of Wizardia as you fight for survival.   

Each player in Wizardia will have their own special magic, which helps them define their own personal play style as they progress through the game.  

Utilize your Wizard NFTs to fight other Wizards in PvP turn-based battles for territory,  resources,  and the chance to survive in this metaverse.  

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Combat is an ever-evolving part of Wizardia where players have to constantly adapt to the changes in the battlefield.  Players will be able to engage in PvP as well as PvE battles across the realm.    

With each victory, players will be rewarded with consumables or equipment, resources, skill mastery, and legacy points.   

There will also be several game modes available in Wizardia,  ranging from simple PvE and PvP duels to Weekly Challenge Series and winner-take-all tournaments.   

On a basic level,  players can earn in Wizardia through: 

-Rewards for fighting in the Arena 

-Fees for renting out Wizards NFTs 

-Proceeds from selling NFTs 

-Passive income through holding Genesis NFTs 

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Two varieties of Wizardia NFTs have been announced so far:   

First, we have the Wizard NFTs which are the in-game characters with unique art and capabilities.  To do battle in the Arena, a player will need at least 3 Wizards.    

Owned wizards can be upgraded, traded, rented out, and used to help Summon new Wizards from the Fog. The value of a Wizard varies depending on its Rarity, Attributes, and Abilities. 

Wizard NFTs will be released by the end of March initially coming to their website.  

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Next, is the Arena Genesis NFT, partial ownership of The Arena that is shared between multiple players and investors.  

The owner of this NFT is entitled to a cut of the transaction fees which are processed in the Arena.    

Before the Arena is launched (Q2 2022), all Arena Genesis NFTs will be automatically staked and will entitle holders to Wizardia token staking rewards. 

DOM Token GOLD Token

Wizardia’s Arena Genesis NFT sale has already begun and is now in the second round.   

As I’ve said, the Arena Genesis NFT holders will receive ongoing royalties from all transactions made in the game’s battle Arena.  This means that whenever two players have a PvP battle, Arena Genesis holders will receive a portion of the transaction fees they incur.  

They do not have to participate in gameplay to receive royalties from their tokens.   

Payouts to Arena Genesis NFT holders can be estimated using their Wizardia calculator 

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The $WZRD token is the core utility token and in-game currency of the Wizardia game and their future metaverse.    

Powered by a high-performance Solana blockchain, tokens can be spent as well as earned or exchanged by every player inside and outside of the game.   

Token utility can be divided into player-to-player and player-to-vault(-to-player) mechanisms. 

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Fees will be collected through game mechanics including transactions,  tournament participation,  magic discovery, crafting, and construction. 

And tokens will be distributed back into the game economy through staking, quest completion, PvP / PvE rewards, and event participation.   

For more information about their TOKENOMICS, you may check out their litepaper.

Ancient Kingdom NFT Roadmap


As per their blog, gameplay modes will be released in a staggered fashion during 2022, with battle commencing in the first alpha version of the Arena in Q2/Q3.   

Their key goals for 2022 are:   

Game demo — coming in March 

Arena launch — Q2 

Global tournament system, and base building mode — Q3 

AR integration, and full game launch — Q4 

Also, DEX and CEX listings on some more exchanges will come in April. 

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The Wizardia team has core contributors with blockchain experience and a lineup of crypto-gaming experts as advisors, but what they say sets the project apart is its core knowledge of game development.    

Team members have been involved in a long list of triple-A games such as Call of Duty Black Ops series, League of Legends, and Titanfall.   

One of them is Mantas the creative director who has lent his eye for flair to video games, films, and art and now leads Wizardia’s design strategy.   

Their game designer has over a decade of experience in the professional game industry. He’s the Director of the Lithuanian Game Developers Association, the Head of Studio at No Brake Games Vilnius, and the lead game designer at Nordcurrent. 

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Overall, the game and project look promising and it’s good that we get to see the faces of the team.  BUT, we still need to wait for the actual gameplay video yet to come.  A lot of updates are coming in the next few weeks and months.   

Note that everything I have discussed today are info from their website, social media channels, and lite paper. It is still subject to change throughout the game development process.   

Looking forward to how they will execute those plans mentioned in this video , how they will be able to sustain Wizardia’s Metaverse economy and how they will deliver on their promise to provide a AAA quality game.   

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If you are curious too about Wizardia, make sure to follow them on their social media channels.   

What are your thoughts about Wizardia? Will you invest in it or just wait for the FREE TO PLAY mechanics to try it out first? Let us know in the comments below. 

But As we always say, trade at your own risk and invest ONLY what you can afford to lose.