Are you an esports fan? Do you follow different esports teams?  And given a chance, would you want to meet your favorite player or team?   

If your answer is yes, then the project we’ll be discussing in this article is definitely for you. 

Today, we’ll be talking about the single biggest venue for esports fan engagement. Introducing – Yesports 


Yesports is the World’s largest web3 esport engagement platform built on the polygon network. It aims to merge the rising popularity of esports with the booming demand for utility-first NFTs and the Metaverse.    

There’s already significant overlap between the esports demographic and those familiar with NFTs and cryptocurrencies. With this, Yesports strives to serve as a hub for these users to access exclusive content from their favorite esports teams and players. In turn, Yesports provides those teams with a platform to generate additional revenue and leverage fan engagement.  

In simple terms, Yesports is where esport fans can engage and interact with their favourite esport teams.  

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The Yesports platform will provide access to exclusive content, community initiatives, merchandise, and more by acquiring or holding NFTs.  

Through the sale of NFTs, esports teams partnered with them will be able to engage with their fan communities in ways never seen before, while benefiting from new, sustainable revenue streams. 

As of now, they have 6 major global teams currently signed to the platform  

  • Talon Esports
  • BOOM Esports
  • Renegades
  • Fact Revolution
  • Team Empire
  • WL Gaming 

and more to come…  

They say a few more teams and players are joining Yesports which will be announced in the coming weeks.  

Yesports is designed to encourage fan participation through greater engagement with esports teams and allow tangible ownership of valuable and rare utility-first esports assets. 

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Now let’s talk about its unique features and services:   

First, the White Glove Web 3.0 services   

As part of the differentiated Yesports partner experience — newly signed esports teams receive a dedicated resource of creators and strategists as part of a white glove service to design high-fidelity utility NFTs for their fans, as well as ease their transition into Web 3.0.    

Yesports and partnering teams are in the creative process of developing their NFT collectibles, rare one-of-ones, and NFT packs — which are akin to virtual versions of physical trading card packs.  These NFTs are soon to be released via teams’ curated NFT “storefronts” on the Yesports NFT marketplace – which is the next feature we’ll discuss.  

Yesports is building a secondary Marketplace that will be curated to esport NFTs where fans can buy and sell their NFT packs. Each team will have its very own NFT storefront within the marketplace. 

SpiritCore NFT A

And speaking of NFTs, as per their CEO, they are excited to deliver real-world utility to the NFTs themselves and give them a multitude of functionalities well beyond just a beautiful collector’s item.  

Fans will be able to purchase NFT access packs that will consist of a variety of different utility functions to further engage with their favorite team.   

NFT packs will include utility such as 

  • VIP access to esport events
  • Free general tickets
  • Coaching Sessions
  • Gaming Sessions
  • Team Training 
  • Player Meet & Greet 
  • AMA with favorite teams (Private) 
  • Metaverse AMAs
  • Gaming Equipment
  • Signed Merch 
  • Whitelist access to exclusive merchandise drops 
  • Discounts 
  • Private Discord Access  
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Next, let’s discuss what they call Private Team Metaverse or a private access metaverse – which is only accessible exclusively to platform users and esport fans.

The Metaverse will have esport teams’ home stadiums where fans can come and watch their teams play. Fans will also be able to interact and build in the surrounding digital environment.  

They’re anticipating fans would build things such as  

  •  Club Houses
  • Training Grounds 
  • NFT store fronts 
  • Gaming houses 
  • Apartments etc  

Teams will be able to interact with other esport teams and battle them within the Metaverse.

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Aside from that, Yesports is looking at the possibility of implementing different engagement-based activities that empower fans to access further utility and opportunities within the metaverse.

Such engagement will be users  

  • completing predetermined tasks within the metaverse  
  • scaping the digital environment
  • reaching interaction requirements and high engagement levels with their teams
  • putting their NFT utility to work within the Metaverse

Yesports is adding a new layer of tangible complexity to their Metaverse that inspires further engagement by Metaverse users.  

DOM Token GOLD Token

As per their token, Yesports is powered by $YESP token.

The $YESP token is a FULLY STACKED UTILITY TOKEN and will provide a range of utilities that holders can use on the platform.  

Such things will be reward-based staking + LP staking,
access to private drops, receiving platform benefits, the possibility of a buyback and burn system, voting and governance rights, and more to be announced.

Not much information is mentioned about their token, but what we know is as per their roadmap, the token generation has been marked for Quarter 2 this year.

Ancient Kingdom Tokenomics

This quarter as mentioned earlier they have already signed teams and players.  More will be added soon. 

This second quarter, they will soon be launching their esports NFT Marketplace, the listing of YESP token on exchanges, staking, and audits, and by the end of the year, Yesports Metaverse Alpha will be released, plus a virtual clubhouse and some play to earn games. 

Yeap, you heard that right, play to earn games which we have no info as of the moment yet.  

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The Yesports product has been a result of deep partnerships and relationships with key partners and esports teams.  

Their top venture partners include Polygon Studios, Kernel, NGC Ventures, Mozaik Capital, MEXC Global, and many more.    

Details about the project have actually been discussed through the MEXC Global’s AMA with the CEO of Yesposrts, Sebastian Quinn himself. You can actually watch that AMA on MEXC’s youtube channel.  

Ancient Kingdom NFT Roadmap

There are much more things to know about this unique and promising project. So if you are interested to know more about it, make sure to follow Yesports on discord, Twitter, and telegram for news, updates, and announcements regarding the platform.  

The platform’s long-term vision is to deliver an unrivaled esports-centric Web 3.0 platform through which fans can eventually engage with teams in the emerging metaverse.  And I for one am looking forward to how things will turn out in time.    

What do you think about Yesports? Let us know in the comments below.