Are you an avid sports fan? Enthusiasts, maybe? Or perhaps you’re the type of sports fan who loves to participate in sports betting. Then you must have already heard about Zcode.

There are a lot of online betting stations out there, but this one’s a lot more than just that. 

This company has been about creating better betting options for sports fans for the past 20+ years. But this time, they bring something new and modern. 

Just imagine, being able to earn more than your winnings just because you have a Legendary NFT.

Now, let’s talk about Zcode NFT.


What is Zcode? 

Zcode Doge NFT is the next big thing. As they say so themselves! But what is it all about? Let me break it to you. 

So first thing is, Zcode has already been around since 1999. They’ve been in the business of sports prediction tools for like 23 years and still counting! 

Their system is all about using pure analytics and systematic computations with mathematical coding and statistics to know which sports teams are more likely to win and is in turn, a safer and better bet. 

And now, they are keeping up with the times and have been working on incorporating Zcode into the blockchain – creating Zcode DOGE NFTs and even creating its own cryptocurrency and metaverse. 

Ark Riva NFT

But why Doge? Is it related to Dogecoin? Well yeah, but not really. 

Connected by name only, is more like it. Just like Dogedash -which was a play2earn game we have previously reviewed. 

Dogecoin may not be perfect but the popularity it had in the past and the unforgettable crypto phenomenon that took place around it is undeniable. So I’m sure it’s understandable why Zcode is riding their NFTs in the same name. 

Zcode has a long history which you can learn more about in their website. 

But the real deal we’re talking about in this video is the fact that they are now bringing us their own NFTs. 

And if you’re still a newbie that’s unsure what an NFT is and how it works, well their website at explains it profoundly. 

ARK- BASE Ark Rival

Zcode Doge NFTs 

What’s so special about these NFTs? And what are the NFTs?  

Zcode Doge NFTs are unique, custom-made 3D NFT Social Avatars. And are obviously inspired by the Shiba Inu dogs that Dogecoin is very famous for. 

Which is the crypto that became famous for the memes as you already know! 

Oh! I mean, not because they are funny, but because Shiba Inus are just so irresistibly cute! (woof woof!) 

When you mint one it’ll be randomly generated and will get many different traits and characteristics… like the face paint, glasses, hat, background, shirt, accessories, and more. 

There are also 3 levels of rarities: Gold, Platinum, and Legendary. The more rare the NFT the better additional perks it gives to the holder. 

There are only a thousand of these Gold NFTs, 40 pieces of Platinum ones, and a very rare batch of only 10 Legendaries.  

These 3D NFT pieces of art also gain their owners VIP membership access to the exclusive Zcode club

Gold Zcode Doge NFT

How to Earn? 

Well, there are more than 2 ways you can earn with your Zcode Doge NFT. 

Once you’ve become a holder of a 1st-Generation Zcode Doge NFT, you’ll immediately have 3 ways to earn from them.  

The first is by earning passive income with Royalties. 60% of all the royalties of Opensea transactions with Zcode will be sent and distributed to all the active holders on a regular basis. 

The second is by Giveaway Airdrops. Holders of the first-gen series#1 NFTs will receive giveaways and airdrops of the next-gen series#2 and series#3 NFT collections as a reward for their loyalty and support.

And thirdly, is by Staking & Pools. Holders can earn by having priority access to the staking and private pools. Plus, holders also get priority access during the future launch of the Zcode Coin. 

And we all know that there’s nothing better than getting whitelisted to buy crypto at floor price. 

Ark Rival Ship


So what do you think about Zcode Doge NFTs?  With 23 years of company age down the line, is that enough credibility to you? 

Tell us in the comments below.