In our last ZionVerse blog, we took a look about the company, and their goals involving NFTs and play 2 earn gaming ecosystem. 

And we’ve also learned about Totality Corp, which is the team behind ZionVerse. 

We’ve also discussed about their Lakshmi NFTs and staking rewards -which is actually already LIVE since yesterday! 

Now we’re gonna take a closer look at the Lakshmi NFTs that ZionVerse is giving us. 

Lakshmi NFT

Types of Lakshi NFTs

As we already know, ZionVerse is mainly based on Inidan Culture and Mythology. 

And the Lakshmi NFTs are literally taken from the Indian goddess of wealth and good fortune herself. 

Which does fit right in into this Play to Earn Gaming Ecosystem. 

Lakshmi NFT lootbox is an NFT project from ZionVerse that is focused on 3 things: providing financial incentives, building a strong community, and gaming. 

Lakshmi NFT Lootbox

Keep in mind that these NFTs have financial benefits. 

Like I’ve said in the last blog, while ZionVerse is still developing their playable play2earn game, early bird investors will be able to have an opportunity to buy Lakshmi NFTs that they can stake for a period of 12 months with an APY that ranges from 36% up to 108% 

Plus! ZionVerse is giving away $25,000 to the first 2554 minters! 

You can watch the our first video about ZionVerse for more detailed info. 

Lakshmi NFT Giveaway

When you get yourself a lootbox, it can either contain an Asth-Lakshmi model or a Ganesha model. 

Both models come with spatial music that depends on the rarity of the NFT you would get. 

And now let’s take a look at these many different NFTs. 

It says here that the most popular and widely known forms are eight which are collectively known as AsthaLakshmi. 

These different manifestations of goddess Lakshmi represent different forms of wealth. 

And so, the thing here is, different rarities bring different attributes. Some better than others. 

First, we have Adi Lakshmi. Adi means “first,” so if your collection is blessed by Adi Lakshmi, then you get the first form of wealth which is freedom. 

Adi Lakshmi

Then we have Dhana Laxmi. If your collection is blessed by Dhana Lakshmi, then you will be showered with the 2nd form of wealth which is -MONEY! 

…since Dhana literally means “wealth” in the form of -you guessed it, money! 

Can’t be more straight forward than that right? (I’m Rich!) 

Dhana Lakshmi NFT

Third, we have Dhanya Laxmi who will be showering you with the 3rd form of wealth -I’m sensing that by now, you already get the pattern. 

The third form of wealth is Agricultural Wealth. Life is impossible without food. I mean, -what’s more important, tell me… money or food? 

If there’s no food left, we can’t exactly eat our coins right? Haha! 

Dhanya Laxmi NFT

Next is Gaja Lakshmi -the one who brings us the 4th form of wealth which is Animal Wealth. 

Gaja means Elephants. Do not ever underestimate elephants. 

We’ve all seen it in movies and historical materials how the old Indian rulers always use big and strong elephants as part of their culture and symbol of royalty and power in society. 

Gaja Lakshmi NFT

Now, the bringer of the 5th form of wealth: Santana Lakshmi. 

Santana means “children” or “progeny.” And this obviously signifies fertility! 

Santana Lakshmi NFT

For the 6th form of wealth which is strength, we have Veera Lakshmi. 

She’s also known as Dhairya Lakshmi -in which Dhairya means “courage” 

She’s the goddess that signifies strength, bravery, and valor. 

Veera Lakshmi NFT

Now the 7th form of wealth: Wisdom -given to you by Vidya Lakshmi. 

Vidya means knowledge, and this goddess represents intellectual growth. 

Well, you know what our granmas and granpas always tell us. Knowledge is priceless! 


Vidya Laksmi NFT

I mean, that’s the 8th form of wealth. By yours truly, Vijaya Lakshmi -in which Vijaya means victory. 

And finally, Lord Ganesha, the remover of obstacles. And I’m guessing that this is the rarest of all NFTs from this collection. 

He’s the one and only NFT that is not based on goddess Lakshmi. 

Unlike the Lakshmi NFTs that have 4-7 attributes, he’s the only one that has one attribute -which is also the attribute that’s exclusive to this NFT alone: 

An elephant head. 

Vijaya Lakshmi NFT

Audio / Music NFTS

I mentioned earlier that all models come with spatial music that depends on the rarity of the NFT you would get. 

While there are 7 Tiers of rarities for this collection’s NFTs, there are only 5 tiers of music rarity 

All these 5 tracks are available in both stereo and Dolby Atmos Spatial audio formats. 

They have designed the music to work best when looped, so that the owners could listen to it and have an elevated state of meditative calmness. 

And the 5 tracks differ by composition and instrumentation, as you can see in the description provided. 

I’m not sure yet whether Tier 5 stretches out to the 3 rarest tiers, or Tier 1 brackets the 3 most common Tiers. 

But I’m pretty sure it’ll be clearer soon once we get more info about it. 

NFT Rarity

Now more about NFT Rarity, here is a chart provided. 

An NFTs Rarity is determined by 4 aspects: 

1.) The presence of the 9 deities, which are the 8 Lakshmi NFTs and the Lord Ganesha one. 

2.) The 5 types of music classes that the NFTs come with. 

3.) The Gold Producing Ability -which we have already discussed in detail in our last video. 

4.) Minting Scarcity 

Lakshmi NFT Rarities

How to buy Lakshmi NFTs? 

If you are eager to invest in ZionVerse’s endeavor in creating a metaverse ecosystem with decentralized finance which will soon have plenty of use cases, gaming for one. 

And if you are interested in the idea or ideology of Indian culture and mythology, then good news for you, the sale has already been open for more than a day now. 

Oh, and of course, make sure there’s enough USDC in your wallet. Can’t miss that one, right? 

For more info about ZionVerse and Vauld, make sure to watch our previous video. 

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And that’s it for now in today’s blog.

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