There’s a new player in town that’s coming into the blockchain gaming space… 

Well, not really a “player-player” coz WE ARE the players 

But they are actually a new team from Totality Corp that’s developing a new Metaverse mainly for play 2 earn games 

Introducing ZionVerse 


Company Background

First, let’s start off with some company background. 

Totality Corp is a company founded by Anshul Rustaggi back in July 2017. 

His goal is to combine scalability through technology, innovation through design & retention through content. 

What Totality Corp wanted was to develop a platform for gamers who would love to compete for REAL tangible rewards, culminating into MGPL or Mobile Gaming Premier League. 

Totality Corp

It was the first mobile platform in India to offer real money gaming across a variety of casual games. The community grew to 2.2M users with tangible rewards of 2.5 crores of Rupees or $340k each month. 

The product was funded by the Founder himself, and he later saw the emergence of many VC backed startups over the next 9 months. 

And now, after more than 4 years of developing gaming technology, they are finally near into launching a new metaverse gaming ecosystem called, Zionverse 

And this is the team from Totality Corp who’s bringing us ZionVerse… 

You can check them out in their websites, and their linked in accounts -if that’s your thing hehe 

Now let’s check out their Roadmap for a while 

We’re currently in Q4 of 2021, and this is what’s currently planned for the future 

Roadmap ZionVerse

Project: ZionVerse

So what is Zionverse? And what’s it about? 

ZionVerse is a Web3 UGC Gaming Platform with a TRULY decentralized full-blown metaverse gaming ecosystem 

It has DeFi, playable NFTs, Play to Earn and Planetary DAOs with a big daddy Founder DAO 


The metaverse of ZionVerse stands on 3 main pillars: 

Playable NFTs + Decentralized Gaming Ecosystem + Indian Culture and History 

These NFTs we’ll be having are in-game tradable digital assets that, for now, are still limited to that particular gaming ecosystem. 

But ZionVerse believes that in the near future, your playable NFTs could turn into your wholesome identity in the Web3 itself. 

ZionVerse is aiming at simplifying game creation by creating a user generated gaming platform on the Zion game engine 

Playable NFT Zionverse

And for the 3rd pillar, as the lore being used by the whole entirety of the stories and backgrounds of the games that will be playable in ZionVerse, they chose Indian Culture and History. 

Why so? ZionVerse have decided this because they wanted to capitalize the richness of Indian history, culture, and literature which is very deep and diverse where in many forms of ART play a significant role. 

Since Indian culture is globally renown, ZionVerse wanted to explore its rich content stream which can be depicted in forms of games, animations or comics 

And what better way to start off ZionVerse with the Lakshmi NFTs! 

Lakshmi NFT

Lakshmi NFTs and Staking Rewards ​

This very December ZionVerse is launching their FIRST EVER product showcase of Indian Culture-inspired playable NFTs in the form and concept of the goddess Lakshmi. 

This is the 3D model of the Goddess Lakshmi NFT 

Which will be having a total of  8 avatars which is also 3D along with a 3D model of Lord Ganesha 

ZionVerse is commited into bringing the beauty of Indian culture to the community with amazing art and great sounding music. 

These audio NFTs would comprise of spatial audio music of Lakshmi Strotam. 

With 5 of them being exclusive spatial audio tracks. 

Lakshmi NFT

And what’s more to them is that these NFTs actually brings along real economic value to its owners by having monthly monetary rewards on a 12-month period. 

Then after that period, the community can take part in the game which will have a minimum prize of 50 USDC and maximum of 600 USDC 

As of now, the targeted pricing of these NFTs is equivalent to 101 USDC each. 

Now, going back to the monthly rewards, for each owned NFT, the base reward is 3% per month for an APY of 36% 

But that’s just the uncommon NFT, there would be multiple tiers of rarity, too 

Based on the rarity of the Lakshmi NFT that you could get, you could get a multiplier of 0.5x up to 3x 

So if you’re one of the lucky ones who’s able to mint a rare NFT with a 3x multiplier, then you’d get three times the base reward of 3% per month for an APY of 108% 

So this means your $101 investment will bring you $9 and 9 cents per month 

All these NFTs are going to be available to the public by December 7 -and can be purchased thru VAULD -and what is VAULD? Let’s talk about that. 

Vauld and Special Giveaway

Totality Corp has partnered with Vauld to provide backend infrastructure for their NFT Projects. 

Vauld is a cryptocurrency exchange where users can earn, borrow, and trade crypto. 

vauld cryptocurrency

Vauld is backed by Peter Thiel’s Valar Ventures -if you don’t know Peter Thiel, well he’s a co-founder of PayPal -if that’s not enough credibility for you, then I don’t know what is! HAHA 

Vauld will provide the payments, crypto and wallet layer + the rewards layer to the Lakshmi NFTs 

Peter Thiel

And here’s the exciting part! 

As of now, Vauld is the only exchange where people can purchase Lakshmi NFTs, and whether the buyer is an old Vauld user or a new one, anyone who buys a Lakshmi NFT will have a chance to win up to 21 USDC in addition to their APY. 

Here’s the details of the Giveaway: 

The total prize pool is 25,000 USDC -and TAKE NOTE! 

Winners will be chosen on a first come first serve basis. 

Yep, the early bird gets the worm! So mark your calenders, BAM! The Lakshmi NFT Public Sale starts at December 7 of 2021 -but the Giveaway promo only lasts until December 14. 

The total prize of 25,000 will be distributed to the owners of the first 2554 Lakshmi NFT mints. 

The first 444 will get 21 USDC, then the next 999 will get 11 USDC, and finally the last 1111 of all the 2554 will get 5 USDC 

Not bad right? So if you’re actually planning on buying a Lakshmi NFT anyway -then, better be one of the earliest ones eh? 


So what do you think about ZionVerse, and the future gaming potential of their Lakshmi NFTs? Are you planning to participate on the December 7 Lakshmi NFT Sale? 

Tell us in the comments below. 

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